Quiz: Which Familiars character are you?

The Familiars is my ALL-TIME favorite series. I had the idea of making a quiz  on my blog about Familiars. This is just an example of how obsessed I am.

Here it is:

Which Familiars Character are You?

  1. Tonight is the school play, and you’re in it. What are you doing in preparation?

a. Building up your confidence (while preparing your costume)

b. Having a PANIC ATTACK!!!!

c Going over your lines

2. Yay! Your grandparents have sent you a check for your birthday. How do you plan to spend it?

a. A new phone

b. Movies

c. Books. Lots and lots of books.

3. It’s the day of your field trip, and the bus ride has proved to be long and boring. What do you do to pass the time?

a. Read a book to build up your excitement

b. Sing a silly song with your friends, despite the fact that at least 60% of the other students will be extremely annoyed

c. Look out the window, trying to identify different wildlife or landmarks

4. Your boyfriend (or girlfriend) has sent you a text: “Hey [your name], will you go to the dance with me?” What is your reply?

a. Yeah! Why not?


c. Um…sure, I guess.

5. What would your iPhone wallpaper most likely be?

a. A cool animal you saw outside

b. A hilarious picture that you found online

c. A selfie




You are Aldwyn, the brave and determined cat!



You are Gilbert, the funny (and sometimes a bit cowardly) tree frog!



You are Skylar, the smart and curious blue jay!

I hope you like my quiz (sorry if your answer embarrasses you) 😃

also-when I took the quiz, I turned out to be Skylar (?)


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