Stories-part one

Well…when I was in fifth grade, I wrote. And I mean WROTE. I loved to write little short stories in all the spare time I had. So, I decided, about one year later, to share them with you. Enjoy (and keep in mind that I wrote this in fifth grade.)

This is the first story, which is part of a three-book series. (This is book one)

The Daughters of Bast #1:

The Goddess’s Quarrel

Madeline todd

It was a cold night at the orphanage. Snow fell softly out the window of Deirdre Huxtable’s room. Deirdre was laying in her bed, trying  to fall asleep. But try as she might, she still sat awake. Her short, dirty-blonde hair was strewn across the pillow. Her blue eyes stared up at the ceiling. “I wish there was some way out of here,” she whispered. But unbeknownst to her, there was. It was coming the next night. That morning, Deirdre underwent a usual day at the orphanage. Eternally folding laundry, being picked on, and being scolded were completely normal to her. After a day of “normal”, Deirdre went back to her room. She plopped on her bed and clutched the necklace around her neck. It was an Egyptian amulet that her mother had given to her before she died. It was her only source of comfort (with the minor exception of her books). She clutched it tightly and made a wish: “I wish I could get out of here, someday, someway.” Then with a sigh, she laid down in bed. She woke up a few hours later. The sky out the window was still pitch black and her digital clock on the bedside table read 12:03 p.m. Deirdre groaned and looked around. To her surprise, a sealed envelope was sitting on the bedside table. Deirdre turned on the lamp and held the envelope to the light. The seal was golden with an Egyptian hieroglyph of a cat identical to the one on Deirdre’s amulet. She opened the letter and this what it said;

Dear Deirdre,

I am here to rescue you. Meet me at the Black Cat nightclub tomorrow night. It’s walking distance from the orphanage. Whether you will recognize me or I will recognize you I do not know. Pack your most treasured things.


A friend

p.s: I prefer you not to wear any red.

Deirdre put the note back on her bedside table and slept well that night, knowing that she would be free.

The next night, Deirdre grabbed a tote bag from the closet and began to pack. She loaded it with books, clothes, and put on a simple white t-shirt, a black, knitted cardigan, jeans, and her cat amulet. Being as quiet as possible, Deirdre slipped out the window and began the journey to the Black Cat nightclub. The snow fell softly and Deirdre walked on, fueled by excitement. After walking about a block in the snow, Deirdre came upon the nightclub and walked in. Loud pop music blared and people with fancy clothes and dyed hair danced on the dance floor. One woman stood out. She had coffee colored skin, short, black hair, a flowing, golden dress, huge earrings, and strange golden eyes that resembled a feline’s. She was standing near the DJ. “Please, turn this wretched music off. I’ll make some changes,” she purred in a heavy accent. The DJ was so lovestruck that he let her right in. The woman tinkered with the computer until new music began to play. It was very electronic and was very upbeat. The people stood at the edge of the dance floor, confused looks on their faces. The woman smiled and then leaped onto the dance floor. Without warning, she break-danced. She had so much agility that she spun on her head faster than anyone else. The crowd gasped. After the song ended, the woman stood and took a bow. Then, she approached Deirdre, who was standing on the sidelines. “Are you the one who sent me that letter?” asked Deirdre. “Yes,” whispered the woman. “Let me take you to my car and I will explain everything. Do you have your things?” she continued. “I do,” said Deirdre, pointing to the full tote bag. The woman took her hand and led her outside. A sleek, black car was waiting in the parking lot. “You can ride in the front seat,” said the woman. She turned on the car and the pair was off. As they drove down the busy highway, the woman turned to Deirdre. “Do you know who I am?” she asked. “Why would I?” retorted Deirdre. The woman snickered. “Sarcasm is one of the things I admire in a girl,” she said. “Anyway, my name is Bast, goddess of marriage, childbirth, and cats,” Bast said. “This is merely my disguise.” “Whoa. Really??You’re a goddess?” gasped Deirdre. Bast nodded. “Then why were you at a nightclub of all places? Wouldn’t you be at a wedding or something?” asked Deirdre. “I wouldn’t wan to risk being an uninvited guest at a wedding. I also wouldn’t want to be at a hospital for fear of being labeled as a stalker,” Bast continued. “Dancing is one of my favorite pastimes.” “Why’d you change the music at the party? It sounded the same as the music that was already playing,” questioned Deirdre. Bast’s golden eyes widened, and then she growled. “How dare you!  Never mind, sorry, Deirdre. You have much to learn about good music. Let me show you,” she said. Bast pushed a button in the car and the music that Deirdre had heard in at the party began to play. Bast danced as she wildly steered the car. Deirdre swayed back and forth in her seat and soon found herself dancing as well. They danced for ages until Bast pulled up at a house. It had the appearance of a wooden shed. “You live here?” asked Deirdre. “You might say that,” answered Bast.“So basically, you brought me all the way here to live in some rusty old shed?” asked Deirdre. “No,” said Bast as she held out a hand towards the shed. Magically, it began to transform. Wooden walls became marble pillars and soon, the shed had transformed into a mansion. “This is where I live,” said Bast with a mischievous smile. “The outside, non-magical world still sees this as a shed.” Bast led Deirdre in the door and they went inside. It was quiet, and a silky-looking couch sat on their left. On the couch was a girl. She looked about Deirdre’s age and she had curly, black hair pulled back with a purple headband. Her skin was like dark chocolate that Deirdre had seen looming in the windows of candy shops. The girl was reading a thick book. “Ainsley, I’m glad you’re studying now. But where’s Bebo?” asked Bast. Ainsley looked up from the book. “She studied, but she totally blew through it. Now she’s playing Fruit Ninja again. Either that or she’s listening to all that Taylor Swift junk,” she answered. Bast rolled her eyes. “Okay, A. Tell Deirdre about us and I’ll get Bebo over here and slip into something a little more comfortable,” Bast answered as she exited the room. Ainsley dog-eared the page of her book and put it down on a couch cushion. “Hey, Deirdre. I’m Ainsley, but you can call me ‘A’,” she said. “Hey,” said Deirdre. “So, let me tell you about Bast. She was talking with all of the other gods and goddesses and she had decided to become some sort of spy/hero society or whatever. The other peeps thought she was sort of an idiot but they let her do it. So that’s why we’re all here,” Ainsley explained. “Where did she meet you?” asked Ainsley. “This place called the Black Cat nightclub. She was all mushy with the DJ and she changed the music. Everyone else was all like ‘whaaat?’ and then she break-danced! Then, she drove me here,” said Deirdre. “Whoa. Never heard of a break-dancing cat goddess. Care for some lemonade?” laughed Ainsley. “Sure. Why not?” said Deirdre as Ainsley handed her a glass cup painted with various golden hieroglyphs. “The secret ingredient is meltwater,” said Ainsley. Deirdre looked at Ainsley for a second. “You mean the kind that snow makes when it melts?” she asked. “Right. It’s so much better than tap water. Even that purified water tastes grosser than this!” said Ainsley with a smile. Just when the girls were beginning to enjoy the meltwater lemonade, Bast came in with another girl. The girl had long, blonde hair, thick glasses, and a Taylor Swift shirt. Meanwhile, Bast had somehow turned herself into this humanoid cat thing. She wore the same golden dress as before, but her earrings were gone. Instead of a human, she had transformed into a ruddy Abyssinian cat. Her golden eyes still remained. “I told you this was a disguise,

Deirdre,” chuckled Bast. When she laughed, pointed cat teeth showed in her mouth. “Bebo, introduce yourself to Deirdre,” the she-cat continued. Bebo stepped forwards. “Hey. I’m Bebo. Ya like Fruit Ninja?” said Bebo. Deirdre shrugged. “Never even heard of it,” Deirdre answered. Bebo gasped. “Do you at least know who Taylor Swift is?” she asked in a panic. “Sadly, yes,” answered Deirdre as she fake threw up. Ainsley laughed and whispered in Deirdre’s ear: “I know, right? That’s all she cares about. Fruit Ninja and Taylor Swift.” “Deirdre, I’ll get you settled with Ainsley. Bebo, you can try to do something besides listening to that Taylor Swift junk or playing Fruit Ninja. I’ll check your proper Egyptian wand use homework later,” said Bast. Bast led Ainsley and Deirdre into Ainsley’s room. Bast’s hand now felt strangely furry. Her fingers were smaller and were clawed at the ends. Eventually, they came to Ainsley’s room. One bed was occupied, and the other was empty. Bast began to arrange Deirdre’s new bed as Deirdre examined her surroundings. On the walls, there were posters of kittens and of a singer named St. Vincent. “Heck what is St. Vincent?” whispered Deirdre to Ainsley. “Probably what Bast changed the music to at the nightclub. She’s totally boss,” said Ainsley. “Dude, how can someone who’s hair looks like a medium-sized storm cloud be boss?” whispered Deirdre. Ainsley snickered. “Never mind,” she whispered. By then, Bast had somehow set up Deirdre’s bed lightening-quick and it was completely ready. “Like it?” asked Bast. The bed had sea-blue covers and dark purple sheets. The pillow looked extremely fluffy. “It’s perfect!” cried Deirdre. “Alright. You can hang out with Ainsley and I’ll call you when dinner is ready. Also, don’t tell Bebo, but I’ve got a video camera set up in her room to see what she’s actually doing,” giggled Bast. With that, Bast left the room and left Ainsley and Deirdre to their own devices. “Do you want to go to the arcade or the pool?” asked Ainsley. “I don’t really care. I’ve never been to either one of those,” answered Deirdre. “Okay then. Let’s hit the arcade!” said Ainsley. “But let’s avoid Fruit Ninja.” The two girls went to the arcade and played Pac-Man for what seemed to them like hours. Most of the time, Deirdre surprisingly won. Ainsley stunk at it. After about fifteen games, Bast called them for dinner. Deirdre raced Ainsley down the hall and then they arrived at the dinner table. Bast had prepared mac ’n’ cheese. She had mixed Temptations™ cat treats into hers. Everyone thought it was sort of disgusting, but cats will be cats. “Girls, I have something important to talk about,” announced Bast as she spooned dinner into her mouth. “Have you all heard of the goddess Sekhmet from your studies?” Bebo and Ainsley nodded in unison, their cheeks stuffed with cheesy pasta. Deirdre had no idea what they were talking about. “Well, back in my day, sorry if I sound like an old grandpa, the sun god Ra elected Sekhmet to be his guard. Then, after a little while, he basically fired her because of her violent ways. She is a lion goddess after all. So, he elected me as his new guard and ever since then, Sekhmet has had a serious grudge. Two nights from now is the night she swore her revenge,” Bast explained. “Oooooh….” purred Bebo. Bast leaned over to Bebo’s place at the table and hissed at her, her breath smelling of cheese and cat treats. “This is serious business, Bebo,” she growled. Bebo rolled her eyes. “Anyway, we will begin battle training tomorrow,” Bast continued. Ainsley pumped a fist in the air. Deirdre’s eyes widened. Bebo continued rolling her eyes. After dinner, the girls went to bed. As Ainsley and Deirdre got into their beds, Deirdre pulled a book out from her tote bag. Specifically, the Familiars. She read with excitement as Aldwyn the cat, Skylar the blue jay, and Gilbert the frog fought off the seven-headed Hydra of Mukrete. At last, Deirdre grew tired and she put away her book and turned out the light.

As Deirdre began to drift off, she felt a lump in her pillow. She sleepily lifted up the pillow and to her surprise, found two items under it. The first one was a small statuette of a cat carved from black rock. It’s tail was curled up behind it’s leg and it stood straight up in the air. It wore a golden collar that appeared to be painted. The other items were two  crumpled up wads of paper. She opened the first one and it read:


You’ll find me in Central Park. I still swear revenge. You know that. After all, I am the goddess of vengeance among other things. Perish in agony!!!!

From: Ra’s original bodyguard who should still be in position!!! >:-(

P.S: Whoever this ends up going to, know that I am OUT TO GET THEM!!!!

Deirdre slipped the crumpled paper back under her pillow. That must have been Sekhmet. Who knew that goddesses put little text smileys in their death notes, she thought. Then, she unraveled the other paper. She recognized it as Bast’s scrawly handwriting  It read:


I knew for hundreds of thousands of years that you still swore revenge, dummy. I’m a goddess. I’m bringing some reinforcements to Central Park. You’ll be surprised. Please, take your pill too.


The guard that Ra actually likes (hee hee hee)

P.S: Since when did you start doing little smiley faces on your notes? It’s sort of stupid.

Deirdre slipped Bast’s note under her pillow.  Those two must really hate each other, thought Deirdre. She laid her head back onto the pillow and fell asleep.

The next morning, Deirdre woke up and looked over to see if the items were still under her pillow. The cat statuette was still there, but only one of the notes remained. It was the one that Sekhmet had wrote. Bast must have delivered the note in the night. Deirdre slipped out of bed and put on her usually t-shirt, jeans, and cat amulet. Ainsley was still in bed, snoring contently. Deirdre shook her and shouted: “Wake up! You’ll be late!” Ainsley slowly opened her eyes. “Alright, if you say so,” she groaned groggily. Ainsley slipped on a solid blue tank top and faded jeans. She didn’t bother putting on socks, exposing her toes, which were painted turquoise. Her fingernails were blue- violet. They walked out of their room and into the dining room, where they found Bast making waffles in the kitchen. The room smelled like bacon. “Good morning, darlings!” Waffles and bacon will be ready in just a few,” said Bast in an unusually cheery tone. “Where’s Bebo? She should be up here,” asked Bast. “I’ll check,” said Deirdre. Deirdre ran back down the hall and into Bebo’s room. Bebo was sitting on the bed, humming to Taylor Swift music that was playing out of a small speaker attached to an iPod. Deirdre paused the music and said, “It’s time to get up. Bast’s making waffles and bacon.” “Whatever. I was in the middle of my waking-up ritual,” groaned Bebo. Deirdre rolled her eyes. “Some ritual,” muttered Bast as she loaded waffles onto the plates. She served the girls and they all dug in. Bast had put bits of fish sticks on her waffles. The girls ate their breakfast with relish and in minutes they were finished. Bebo had syrup on her face and her puppy t-shirt. (The puppy was wearing a cheesy red bow.) After breakfast, Bast led the threesome down a series of corridors and flights of stairs until they came to a huge door embedded with jewels and carved hieroglyphs. There was no way that any of them could get in. But Bast outstretched her paws and muttered something in Ancient Egyptian and the door slowly began to open. Strange, blue light and dust began to pool out of the doorway. Bast waved a paw in an attempt to sweep away the dust. Deirdre walked through the doorway along with Bebo and Ainsley. The room had the appearance of a study. Hieroglyphs were carved onto the wall in neat lines. Huge, mural-like paintings of gods and goddesses were on the floor and ceiling. Bookshelves with books in ancient writing were cluttered against the walls. In the corner lay a huge chest. Bast pulled the chest over and set it in front of the girls. She opened it up and the contents were revealed. Hooked, ivory wands and a khopesh, an Egyptian curved sword. “Who would like to test first?” asked Bast. Deirdre nervously stepped forward. “Now, think of fighting an enemy. Think of things that pump your adrenaline,” instructed Bast. Deirdre closed her eyes and thought of fighting. She couldn’t think of too many people to fight, so she just randomly thought of Bebo. In her mind, they were in a heated sword fight when suddenly, Deirdre’s vision became weirdly clouded. Deirdre felt herself being lifted in the air. She opened her eyes and she was encased in a transparent golden shell in the shape of a bipedal cat. Deirdre got the energy to float to the ground. “I-it’s a combat avatar! I can’t believe it!” gasped Bast. “You really are a Daughter of Bast.” “Alright, who’s next?” asked Bast. Bebo stepped forward. She ended up getting the khopesh. It seemed quite fitting, and Deirdre laughed at the idea of her slicing the pillow if she had a fit. Ainsley went next and got the Egyptian wand. “Now, time for actually fighting,” instructed Bast. She opened a closet and pulled out what looked like a mannequin that Deirdre had seen in the windows of pricey clothing stores. “This is Steve,” said Bast. The girls laughed. Bast pulled out a wand from the chest, muttered something in Ancient Egyptian, and “Steve” came to life. Deirdre activated her avatar and floated to face the mannequin. He walked forward in robot-like steps and began to attack. Deirdre quickly sliced Steve with a supernatural claw and Steve fell to the ground lifeless and shrunk. “Good job, Deirdre. Just to let everyone know, Steve is a shabti. They’re these little wooden or wax figurines that are placed in tombs,” explained Bast. She picked up the pieces of Steve. “This is their normal size,” she said. “Ainsley, you’re next. Wands are a little bit more complicated.” Ainsley stepped forward, wand in hand. Bast opened the closet again and pulled out another shabti. “This is Howard,” said Bast as she activated the shabti. Ainsley tried to “fence” with Howard with her wand, but to no avail. Then, she began to focus. A stream of blue light shot from her wand, obliterating Howard instantly. Bast clapped her paws/hands. “Bravo! That is the perfect demonstration of wand use!” she congratulated. Bast grabbed a broom and dustpan to sweep up what was left of Howard and put the contents in a little pouch. “Bebo, your turn,” said Bast. She pulled out one more shabti from the closet. “This is Wilson,” she explained. After being activated, Wilson made his way towards Bebo. As soon as he was in about a foot between Bebo, Bebo madly sliced him to pieces. “Good job, Bebo,” said Bast. Bebo panted, gripping the handle of the khopesh tight. “Alright, girls! Class dismissed,” said Bast. Instead of running out the open door, the girls lumbered, tired from slicing and obliterating. “Wait one second, girls! Just keep in mind that tomorrow’s target is real and a goddess,” yelled Bast from the back of the room. “I’m off to play some Fruit Ninja, peeps,” panted Bebo as she headed for the arcade. “Alright. Deirdre, wanna hit the pool?” asked Ainsley. “Sure! If you have a spare bathing suit, that is,” said Deirdre. “Oh, I have plenty,” giggled Ainsley. Deirdre slipped on a swimsuit with neon goldfish swimming in blue water. Ainsley slipped on her favorite swimsuit, which had little pink and purple hibiscus blossoms on it. The girls went to the pool and slowly, the panting and tiredness from battle practice wore away in the cool, chlorinated water. The girls played Marco Polo and some other random pool stuff until Bast came out with towels and chicken salad sandwiches for them. Deirdre’s towel was decorated with unicorns and Ainsley’s had hash tagged words like “pool party”, “hello pool” and “goodbye school”. Both towels got teeny pieces of chicken and bread crumbs on them,  but no one cared. After drying off, the girls went inside and had dance-off in their room while Bebo remained in the arcade playing Fruit Ninja nonstop. “Wow, Ainsley! This St. Vincent lady really is boss!,” squealed Deirdre as she attempted “The Worm” on the floor. “Just wait till ya hear Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, girl!” yelled Ainsley over the blaring, electronic music. Bast opened the door to find the girls still busy with the dance-off. She joined in and creamed them in every round. Then, after a dinner of hot dogs (Bast had her bun stuffed with more Temptations™ cat treats), the girls went to bed. At 8:45, Deirdre put down her book and went to bed. Once again, her pillow was lumpy, but lumpier than usual. She overturned the pillow to find the cat statuette, Bast’s old note, and another wadded piece of paper. Deirdre unraveled it to find another note from Sekhmet.


You and your little reinforcements will not stand a chance! I will tear all of you into MINCED MEAT! (Forgive me, that was a bit too British for a goddess.) But still!! PERISH IN AGONY!!!


The goddess of MORE THINGS THAN YOU!!!! >:-)

Sekhmet definitely had a sarcastic sense of humor. Maybe she isn’t so bad after all, thought Deirdre. With hopeful thoughts, Deirdre fell asleep.


The next morning, an alarm went off. Instead of beeping, it played a song that Deirdre had never heard of before. “Stop your fooling around, (ah ah ah-ah), Time to straighten right out, (ah ah ah-ah),” played the music. Deirdre was in a state of confusion as she heard Ainsley groan nearby. She turned around to face Deirdre. “Bast only does this kind of thing when we have a big day ahead of us. Who knew that she liked this song,” Ainsley said groggily. “What the heck is this song anyway?” asked a groggy Deirdre. “A Message for you Rudy by The Specials,” groaned Ainsley as she snoozed the weird alarm. The girls got dressed in T-shirts and shorts and went up to breakfast. There, they found Bast flipping pancakes. Electronic music was playing  from an iPod and she was singing along. “I hear la la la la la la, I hear ooh la la la la,” she sang. Deirdre and Ainsley looked at each other, confused looks on their faces. Bast continued swaying her hips, singing, and flipping the pancakes. It was odd to see a supposedly dignified, important Egyptian goddess acting so……..undignified. The girls walked into the kitchen. Bast looked over and paused the song. “Oh! Hello, girls! Enjoy the alarm?” she asked in a weirdly cheerful tone. Deirdre and Ainsley looked at each other again before shaking their heads. “It was…….let’s just say that it was a little…weird,” said Ainsley, her eyes darting back and forth. “Hmm,” muttered Bast as she poured syrup on the fluffy pancakes. “Anyway, breakfast is ready. I’ll get Bebo up. I forgot to set her alarm.” As Bast walked down the hall, Deirdre and Ainsley began to devour the pancakes. Soon, Bebo and Bast came back and served themselves pancakes. “Ugh. Bast, why did you have to blare that stupid, stupid, song directly in my EAR?” groaned Bebo. “I think I’m going deaf in that ear.” “Drama Queen!,” whispered Deirdre into Ainsley’s ear. The girls laughed. “Well, I forgot to set your alarm, so I had to do that,” explained Bast. “You just HAD to, huh?” groaned Bebo. The girls laughed again. After they had all devoured their pancakes, Bast had the girls do more battle practice on the shabti. Even more still were sliced, shredded, and obliterated completely. Bast was busy carving even more after battle practice,  so all of the girls, Bebo surprisingly included, hit the pool. They did even more “battle practice” with pool noodles in the water. It was quite successful, but Ainsley kept getting viciously knocked into the water by Bebo. Everyone was tired eventually, so the girls got on their towels and sat on the beach chairs like lizards heating up their bodies in early morning.  After drying off, since Bast was still hard at work making more shabti, the girls made their own sandwiches for lunch. Then, Bebo retreated to the arcade for Fruit Ninja and left Ainsley and Deirdre to their own devices. The girls sat around on the couch and were so bored out of their minds that Ainsley came up with a really insane dare. “I dare you to go to the arcade and play Fruit Ninja,” Ainsley dared. “Alright then. As long as you do it too,” answered Deirdre. The girls made their way to the arcade to find Bebo madly yanking the joystick and shouting. “Come on, Truffles! JUST SLICE THAT ORANGE! SLICE! SLICE! SLICE!” she shouted. Ainsley nudged Deirdre with her elbow. “On second thought, I call off the dare. Bebo will not get off that stupid thing anytime soon,” she whispered. So, the girls went to their room and they did another game. Ainsley opened a laptop and began showing Deirdre how to play Minecraft. Deirdre was actually quite a skilled hunter, and she nabbed cows and chickens easily. Then, they heard  Bast’s voice from down the hall. “Girls! It’s time to leave! Deirdre, grab some cans of tomato sauce before we go, will ya?” said Bast. “Alright,” said Deirdre as she ran to the kitchen. In the refrigerator, there were at least ten cans on tomato sauce, so she grabbed six and carried them to the car. Bebo was in the front seat, smiling slyly. Ainsley sat in the backseat, waiting. Bast, now in her human form, hopped in the car and started it up. Immediately, Bebo pressed the button that changed the radio station, and “Shake It Off” began to play. Everyone except for Bebo screamed. Bebo snickered. Bast changed the radio station and socked Bebo in the arm. “How…..could….you?” growled Bast as Karen O began playing. Bebo just kept snickering. The car ride to Central Park went smoothly afterwards. The foursome got out of the car and onto the park’s soft, green grass. Bast held Deirdre’s hand as they walked through crowds of people. Bast reached into her purse and popped a pill as they walked. “This is so that everyone won’t notice us fighting and the fact that Sekhmet and I are goddesses,” whispered Bast. She looked towards a bench and narrowed her eyes. On the bench sat a woman who looked almost exactly like Bast but with longer hair, a t-shirt and jeans, and a black skullcap. She was reading a copy of Born Free. “Yup. It’s definitely her,” Bast whispered.  She tapped the woman on the shoulder. “We need to talk,” she whispered. The woman looked up. Her eyes also had a feline glint to them, but they were amber. The woman put the book in her Michael Kors purse and said “Alright.” The woman led them to an empty alley. It was dark as night, and Deirdre swore that she heard rats crawling in the nooks and crannies. She put her purse on a trash can stood to face them. The woman began to twist and contort. Her coffee-colored skin turned white and furry. Her face lengthened and curved into the face of a white lioness. The black skullcap turned into a red headdress with the Eye of Horus gleaming in the middle inside of a white circle. Her t-shirt and jeans turned into shimmering, red robes. Her sneakered feet turned into bare white paws and a tail sprouted out of her lower back. Meanwhile, Bast had turned into her goddess form. “About time, kitty,” sneered Sekhmet, her lion’s fangs gleaming in the dark of the alley. Bast’s feline face curved into a mischievous smile. “You asked for it,” she teased. With that, she punched Sekhmet straight in her face. Sekhmet growled as she was knocked to the ground. Her robes now grimy, she stood up and began to chant. A combat avatar  in the shape of a fierce red lioness formed around her. Bast formed her cat combat avatar and the goddesses began to battle. Supernatural paws and claws grappled with each other and growls and screeches filled the air. Deirdre quickly formed her combat avatar and jumped into the fray. Her avatar snarled as she threw herself on the fierce goddess. Inside Sekhmet’s avatar, the goddess’s amber eyes widened. They wrestled as Bast ran over to the other girls. “The tomato sauce. Get the tomato sauce!” she whispered urgently. Bebo opened the six cans and handed them to Bast, who poured a bit on Sekhmet’s pale nose. The lion goddess went cross-eyed. “Blood! Sweet, sweet blood!” she cooed. Her combat avatar disintegrated as she began licking the “blood” off her nose. Bast dumped the rest of the six cans on Sekhmet’s face and robes. The goddess’s amber eyes went wild and crazed. “BLOOD!!!!” Sekhmet crowed as she licked herself madly. The crazed goddess writhed on the alley floor, trying to lick every last drop of tomato sauce off her face. Then, she abruptly stopped licking. “Thith  ith oggh tathtig,” said Sekhmet, her tomato sauce-stained tongue lolling out of her mouth. “Girls, ready your weapons. If she realizes what this is, it’s gonna get ugly,” whispered Bast. Ainsley pulled out her wand. Bebo unsheathed her khopesh. Deirdre stood her ground, still inside the combat avatar. Sekhmet sat up, her tongue still hanging out. Her amber eyes were wide. “Ith toato thauthe!” she shouted. She put her tongue back in her fanged mouth. “You tricked me!” she growled. Once again, she roared and leaped in the air. In midair, she was hit by supernatural paws and beams of blue light from Ainsley’s wand. Once grounded, Sekhmet was met by vicious blows from Bebo’s khopesh. Bast and the girls backed off slowly and left Sekhmet bleeding and scarred on the ground. “I didn’t expect this, Bast. I thought that you would figure out this was a trick by now. A truce of sorts,”  she panted. Bast raised her eyebrows. “After Ra appointed you, I was devastated. My heart filled with vengeance. But over those hundreds of thousands of years, my heart has emptied. Now, my only intention is to join your team and become an advocate for peace among the gods  and the mortals,” she continued, a tear running down her bloodied cheek. Bast fell to her knees. “I am so sorry, my sister,” apologized Bast. “Now, lets get you home.” Bast and Sekhmet changed back to their human forms. Sekhmet had a noticeable limp. So, she picked up her purse and pulled a tiny box from inside. She meticulously folded it out and the box transformed into a pair of crutches covered in little Lion King stickers. Bast, Sekhmet, and the girls went back to Bast’s sleek, black car and hopped inside. Bast turned on St. Vincent and began to wildly steer the car. “St. Vincent? How did you know, Bast?” she asked excitedly. “I didn’t. I just like it!” squealed Bast. The two goddesses began to sing along. “But I, I, I, I, I, don’t wanna be a cheee-eerlead-er no mo-o-ore,” they sang. Deirdre smiled. Peace had returned. For now at least…



It was the morning after the battle with Sekhmet. Bast was fixing Sloppy Joes for lunch. The girls were playing Who What Where? on the living room floor. Sekhmet was writing on  the couch. She was writing three individual notes.  I can’t wait for the girls to meet the girls I’m bringing! she thought. A smile curved across her furry face.

Daughters of Bast #2 coming soon

Book #2: When Death falls in Love


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