Quiz: Which Search for WondLa character are you?

Guess what? THE SEARCH FOR WONDLA SERIES HAS MOVED TO THE NUMBER ONE SPOT! The Familiars is still good, but it’s just number two now. Anyway, for this quiz, I suggest you write your answers (a, b, c) on a post-it or something because I don’t know how to make a regular quiz. 😦

  1. You feel the most comfortable when you’re

a. With my friends

b. In nature

c. On my computer


2. Your parents say that you can pick out your own pet. Your reaction:


b. That’s pretty cool…get in the car. We’re off to PetCo.

c. Um…thanks but no thanks.


3. Your friend is feeling really sad. How do you cheer her up?

a. Say some nice words.

b. Give her a big bear hug.

c. Pull up a cute kitten video.


4. It’s a snow day! What do you plan to do?

a. Go sledding, build a fort…so many choices, so little time!

b. Make a few snow angels.

c. Stay inside and sit by the fireplace.


5. Which word is most like your personality?

a. Adventurous

b. Calm

c. Tech-y


Mostly A’s


You’re Eva Nine (LUCKY YOU!)


Mostly B’s


You’re Rovender Kitt! (He’s the alien sitting next to Eva in this pic. Good for you!)


Mostly C’s

images copy 4.jpeg

You’re Muthr! (Aw, nice!)


Hope you enjoyed my quiz! WONDLA! (I turned out to be Eva Nine, a.k.a THE BEST BOOK CHARACTER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. YEEEESSSSSSS)


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