Book Review Tuesday (1/26/16)-the Menagerie series

Hello again, everyone! Today I am recommending the Menagerie series! Yay! Awesome!


The Menagerie (1)

When Logan Wilde finds a griffin cub in his room, he suspects something fishy. But when his friend Zoe finds out, she introduces him to the Menagerie-a special sanctuary for mythical creatures. But then the cub-all of the resident griffin cubs have gone missing. Will Zoe and Logan find them before the others do?



The Menagerie (2)-Dragon on Trial

When Pelly the golden goose is missing (and bloodied feathers are discovered), Zoe, Logan, and everyone else working for the Menagerie suspect murder. And the prime suspect-an innocent dragon named Scratch. Will Zoe and Logan save him before the execution? And what actually happened to Pelly?



The Menagerie (3)-Krakens and Lies

As it turns out, Ruby, Zoe’s older sister, has been lying. And Logan has uncovered a dark secret that may mean the end of the Menagerie. Will Logan and Zoe save the Menagerie before its too late?

This is a clever, funny, action-packed, and overall awesome series! And before we go, here is a HILARIOUS quote/reference from Krakens and Lies. Please like or comment if you get it:

“Be vewy, vewy, quiet. We’re hunting jackalopes.”

-Logan Wilde

*bursts out laughing and nobody gets it*

But seriously, do you get it? Ever heard of Looney Tunes, anyone?



Embarrassment …


So, I was watching a video narrated by the author of The Search for WondLa series, and he was saying, “this story follows the adventures of Eva Nine…”, and he pronounced it like “Ehh-va”, not “Ey-va”, like I was used to pronouncing it. And I was ultimately at a loos for words. I couldn’t believe that I had been pronouncing my FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTER’S NAME WROND ALL THIS TIME!!! Ack! Well, now I know, at least. IMG_1654.jpg

This is basically how I felt-speechless. (Eva Nine)

So yeah, this was just random, and for some reason, I wanted to post it on my blog. So…uh…WondLa…!

Book Review Tuesday (1/19/16)-Castle Hangnail

Hello again! Today I have a very good-and rather hilarious-book to recommend: Castle Hangnail. It’s by the author of the Dragonbreath series (Ursula Vernon), so when I first read this, I expected something good. And it truly delivered. So here goes:


Castle Hangnail is looking for a new master. So when Molly, a twelve year old girl claiming to be a wicked witch, comes to their doorstep, the resident minions are more than a little surprised. Sure, she’s relatively witch-y, can do a bit of magic, and is obsessed with the color black, but Molly seems suspicious. She’s polite,  somewhat cheerful, and a little too…kind. But she’s a great master, even at age twelve. So what now? Is Molly the true master, or an imposter? And is she truly fit to be master of Castle Hangnail for years to come?

I hope you guys like this book as much as I did. Wicked!


Book Review Tuesday (1/12/16)-The Familiars

Hello, fellow bookworms! Today, I am showing to you one of my personal favorite series-The Familiars. It used to be my favorite, but back in 2015 The Search for WondLa series shoved it down to number two. That certainly doesn’t mean that it’s bad. So, here you are:



The Familiars

Aldwyn the alley cat is in for the adventure of his life. When fleeing a bounty hunter, he hides in the Familiar shop-a place where wizards adopt their magical companions! And now, Aldwyn himself finds himself the familiar of the wizard apprentice Jack. But when Jack and his friends are captured by the evil queen, he, along with familiars Skylar and Gilbert, must rescue them.



The Familiars-Secrets of the Crown

Jack and the loyals are safe. Aldwyn has discovered his powers. And the evil Paksahara is on the rise. Now, in order to stop her, Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert must find the Crown of the Snow Leopard-the key to the shifting fortress. If the familiars get to it first, Vastia is safe. But if Paksahara gets it, she will unleash a deadly force that may mean the end of Vastia itself…



The Familiars-Circle of Heroes

Paksahara has control over the Shifting Fortress, and now her Dead Army has besieged the lands. In order to stop her, Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert must gather the Seven Descendants before time runs out…


The Familiars-Palace of Dreams

Vastia is finally safe…for now. But when the queen is unexpectedly poisoned, the Familiars must find an antidote before it’s too late. Will the queen live? And-will Aldwyn find his long-lost sister, Yeardley?


I hope I convinced you!

Also-on an unrelated note-

R.I.P. David Bowie 😥 We will miss you for eternity.


Over the last portion of winter break, I visited Florida with my family. I just wanted to share a couple of  pictures…

IMG_0203 (1).jpg

A small frog rescued from Grandma’s pool! SOOO CUUUUTTE 🐸


I went to the SALVADOR DALI MUSEUM! This is one of his masterworks-I think it was called “Columbus Discovering America” or something like that. Pretty cool.


The beach! We almost couldn’t go because of the weather, but the rain stopped, so we could go! I am the one with the pink cover-up (under the green towel). I ended up catching 58 little coquinas (tiny shelled invertebrates that burrow in the sand)!


Disturbing lamp in our bedroom…RUN! IT’S A VAMPIRE!


Even SCARIER porcelain doll (also in our room) sucking the soul of The Cat in the Hat. AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Random monkey skull at Tito and Tita’s house. Guuuhh…

Well…goodbye. I hope you…er…”like” this post. The doll is going to murder you in your sleep…JUST KIDDING


Book Review Tuesday (1/5/16)-Blackbird Fly

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Book Review Tuesday. Today, I have a beautiful  book to recommend-Blackbird Fly. Blackbird-Fly-Erin-Entrada-Kelly.jpg

(whoa…didn’t realize how big this image would be…)

Blackbird Fly is about Apple Yengko, a girl who moved from the Philippines at age four because of her father’s sudden death. She has one reminder of him-a Beatles tape. Now in seventh grade, Apple has problems- a stubborn mother, mean boys-and girls-and now she’s been coined the third-ugliest girl in school. Will Apple make it through? And in the end, will she actually get a life? And not to mention, a guitar?

This is a great book-for bookworms and Beatles Fans alike. I hope you enjoy! And P.S-Happy New Year!