Quiz-Which Dragonet of Destiny are you?

Yes, I know. I made a Wings of Fire quiz two days after the BRT. But still! YAY! ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS! So, its a little different because there are 5 choices, so write down or keep track of a,b,c,d,or e.

You ready? 😀😀😀😀


  1. Your favorite food?


b. Fish

c. I dunno

d. Huh?

e. I’m kinda a vegetarian…


2. Your worst quality?

a. Being a tad bit too food-centered…?

b. Bossiness

c. Is eternal optimism really a bad thing?

d. I’m kind of a nerd…

e. Oversensitivity


3. Your best quality?

a. Bravery

b. Awesome fighter

c. I guess I’ll put eternal optimism for this one too! And happiness! 😄😄😄😄😄😄

d. Smartness! (Kinda bookworm-y too…)

e. Uniqueness and…HECK YES SARCASM


4. Your ideal superpower?

a. Being fireproof

b. Breathing underwater

c. …

d. Just brains 😛

e. Venom and awesome camouflage


5. FREEBIE! So who do you want to get?

a. Clay!

b. Tsunami!

c. Sunny!

d. Starflight!

e. Glory!



Mostly A’s


You’re Clay! (Nice!)


Mostly B’s


You’re Tsunami! (I THINK I LOVE YOU)


Mostly C’s


You’re Sunny! (Aww, cute!)


Mostly D’s


You’re Starflight! (Awesome!)


Mostly E’s


You’re Glory! (OH YEAH)


Hope you liked this! I turned out to be halfway between Tsunami and Glory (HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! MY TWO FAVORITE CHARACTERS!) Read Wings of Fire!


Book Review Tuesday (2/22/16)-Wings of Fire

Hi again! I’ve been waiting for a little while to post this (I was super psyched) since I hadn’t read the whole series. But now I have, so enjoy!  WARNING-CONTAINS SPOILERS


Wings of Fire #1-The Dragonet Prophecy

Clay, Glory, Sunny, Starflight, and Tsunami are the five dragonets destined to end the war and save Pyrrhia. But how can they do that when they’re stuck in a cave and are being constantly watched? They escape-but only to be mixed up in even more trouble than ever before. Can the five dragonets escape the clutches of the evil Queen Scarlet?


Wings of Fire #2-The Lost Heir

Now out of the Sky Kingdom and searching for more, the dragonets seek more secrets. Tsunami’s ambition leads them to the Sea Kingdom, where a shocking secret is uncovered. But this secret leads to even more-murderous magic, a plotting queen, and a plot to overthrow the SeaWing throne. Can Tsunami and her friends find the answer-and reason to escape?


Wings of Fire #3-The Hidden Kingdom

With two dragonets now knowing of their families and their whereabouts, Glory now goes to the Rainforest Kingdom, where she discovers that she seems to be the only one like her-no dragon she meets retains her brave personality and would rather sleep than fight to save the world. Lost in confusion, she uncovers a threat that may lead to the end of the RainWings. Will she find out the secretive kidnappers and free her brethren?


Wings of Fire #4-The Dark Secret

The dragonets are on the case with a kidnapper to catch. Their search leads them to a hidden entrance-to the Night Kingdom, where the RainWings are being held captive and experimented on. And worse, the feared NightWing Morrowseer has placed fake Dragonets of Destiny to warp the result of the prophecy to his whim. Will the RainWings be freed and Morrowseer and the false dragonets be stopped?



Wings of Fire #5-The Brightest Night

It all ends here. Now in the Sand Kingdom, Sunny is ready to face anything that comes her way. But as always, twists and turns surprise and shock her, and the villains are ever persistent. Can Sunny and her friends end the war once and for all?


Wings of Fire #6-Moon Rising

Now, years after the war, the Dragonets of Destiny have opened a special  school-Jade Mountain Academy, where dragonets of all tribes mingle in peace. A new arrival, Moonwatcher, is nervous. She is hiding a secret-she has the power to read minds. But when a strange plot to kill unfurls inside the school, can Moon and her winglet save Jade Mountain Academy and its students?


Wings of Fire #7-Winter Turning

Now out of the school and chasing a prophecy, Winter, fellow student of Moon, has a plan to save the school. But his quest leads him and his friends in grave danger. Queen Scarlet is still on the rise, and ready to take down anyone in her path to destroy Jade Mountain and reclaim the SkyWing throne. Can Winter save his friends from the evil queen?



Wings of Fire #8-Escaping Peril

Peril has always been an outcast. Born with too much fire, she can burn enemies with a single touch of her claw. She has escaped as champion of Queen Scarlet and now seeks revenge. Can she, along with Turtle the SeaWing, defeat Scarlet and secure the Sky Kingdom and Jade Mountain?

Sorry about the descriptions, but I hope they were good enough to convince you! WHAT AN AWESOME SERIES!!


Book Review Tuesday (2/16/16)-Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

Hello again! Today I’m telling you about a book that I JUST FINISHED about an hour ago…I’m serious. It was kinda short. But it was great!



Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

Sophie Brown has just moved to L.A., where she and her family inherit her great-uncle’s farm. While poking around in the yard, Sophie finds a white hen. The hen seems normal-she’s healthy, kind of irascible, and lays decent eggs. But then Sophie discovers that this hen is-yes-a telekinetic hen. Now, Sophie realizes that she must save all of her uncle’s previous chickens (all unusual) before its too late.

This was an absolutely funny and clever book, and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Quiz-How would you survive in The Search for WondLa?

I’m kinda bored today, mostly because I have to stay home from school today with A STUPID COUGH THAT I’VE HAD FOR MORE THAN A WEEK. I’m getting better, but here’s the quiz. Are you ready?


  1. Your home is destroyed and you’re stranded out in the open. You:

a. Frantically pace around, looking for something to build shelter or a fire or something.

b. Look around, pace, and send a distress signal to the nearest Sanctuary.



2. Your reaction to a walking tree?

a. “Eh, normal.” *keeps walking*

b. “Wha…they didn’t show these in the educational holos…”

c. “WHAT THE HECK?!?!?” *laughs nervously*


3. You come across an alien. You:

a. Wave hello and ask for directions. You never know…

b. Back away nervously…



4. The alien wanderer can now communicate with you with help from a vocal transcoder. You:

a. Try and ask for directions, or where the nearest shelter is-something legitimately useful.

b. Who are you? Any other humans? Where do you come from? *asks billions of questions*



5. Voxfruit! Loads of it! What do you do with it?


b. Hmm…is it poisonous? Maybe I’ll try a bit…

c. BLECH! *tosses voxfruit over shoulder*



Mostly A’s


You’re a true Orbonian! You live off the land and take what you can while you can. You’d survive! Yay!

Mostly B’s

images-3 copy.jpeg

You’re a Reboot (Sanctuary-born). You’re curious and pretty confused at the fact that this planet isn’t like it was in the holos. You’d survive if you had help-otherwise, you might just die.


Mostly C’s


You’re a New Attican. Because of living your life under an atmospheric membrane with no contact to the outside world, you’d pretty much die within a few days. Sorry.

Well, I hope you were…relatively satisfied with you answers. I turned out to be a reboot. YEEHA, EVA NINE PARTIALLY REBORN! WOO! Never mind, goodbye. *cough* *cough*

Book Review Tuesday (2/9/16)-Warriors: Super Edition-Moth Flight’s Vision

I know I said earlier that I wouldn’t do Warrior cats stuff because virtually everyone knows about it. But I just had to do this because of the SHEER AMAZINGNESS OF IT ALL

IT MADE ME CRY!!!! TWICE!! And I will not say why because the reasons are both spoilers.  Quite saddening spoilers. Okay, lets get on with the review:


Warriors: Super Edition- Moth Flight’s Vision

Moth Flight, a warrior of early WindClan and daughter of leader Wind Runner, has always been a daydreamer. Instead of hunting, she would rather chase butterflies and collect little leaves she finds. The rest of the Clan thinks she’s utterly useless. But when suddenly has dreams of dead cats and a certain green moth, things are about to change. Moth Flight is destined to be the first Medicine Cat and discover the Moonstone-a place where the spirit cats freely visit the living in their dreams. Can she convince the Clans of her significance? Will she be a worthy Medicine Cat?


Well, I hope you are convinced. Now that I’ve posted this, I’ll post MORE Warriors Super Editions! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh, sorry.

Book Review Tuesday (2/2/16)-Book Scavenger

Hello everyone! Happy snow day (if you live in CO) and semi-happy February. So, here I have a book that I’d like to recommend-Book Scavenger. I’m not sure if its a series or not, so don’t blame me if I have the first book. Sorry, and here goes-


Book Scavenger

Emily, and her family, have been “nomads” all their lives-moving from state to state and cataloging their adventures on a blog. And then-San Francisco. When Emily finds a copy of an Edgar Allan Poe book on the sidewalk, she’s excited. But little does she know that it holds a puzzle, secrets, and yes-typos. YES! TYPOS! Will she figure out the mystery of this little book, and who made the puzzle in the first place?


Well, good bye and have fun freezing your butts off, CO. Hahaha, sorry. Well, bye.