Quiz-Which Dragonet of Destiny are you?

Yes, I know. I made a Wings of Fire quiz two days after the BRT. But still! YAY! ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS! So, its a little different because there are 5 choices, so write down or keep track of a,b,c,d,or e.

You ready? 😀😀😀😀


  1. Your favorite food?


b. Fish

c. I dunno

d. Huh?

e. I’m kinda a vegetarian…


2. Your worst quality?

a. Being a tad bit too food-centered…?

b. Bossiness

c. Is eternal optimism really a bad thing?

d. I’m kind of a nerd…

e. Oversensitivity


3. Your best quality?

a. Bravery

b. Awesome fighter

c. I guess I’ll put eternal optimism for this one too! And happiness! 😄😄😄😄😄😄

d. Smartness! (Kinda bookworm-y too…)

e. Uniqueness and…HECK YES SARCASM


4. Your ideal superpower?

a. Being fireproof

b. Breathing underwater

c. …

d. Just brains 😛

e. Venom and awesome camouflage


5. FREEBIE! So who do you want to get?

a. Clay!

b. Tsunami!

c. Sunny!

d. Starflight!

e. Glory!



Mostly A’s


You’re Clay! (Nice!)


Mostly B’s


You’re Tsunami! (I THINK I LOVE YOU)


Mostly C’s


You’re Sunny! (Aww, cute!)


Mostly D’s


You’re Starflight! (Awesome!)


Mostly E’s


You’re Glory! (OH YEAH)


Hope you liked this! I turned out to be halfway between Tsunami and Glory (HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! MY TWO FAVORITE CHARACTERS!) Read Wings of Fire!


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