Book Review Tuesday (3/29/16)-Nooks and Crannies

Hi everyone! Sorry about last week, but hey-gifs. GIFS!

ANYWAY…I’m doing this book for an independent book report at school, and so I figured that I might as well review it here. This was a great book-in short, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Enola Holmes! Cool, right? Then read the review!



Nooks and Crannies

Tabitha Crum is a middle-class girl living in London with parents who don’t love her and a mouse, nicknamed Sir Pemberley, as her only friend. But one day, she receives a mysterious letter from the secretive Countess of Windermere, inviting her and five other children to stay at her mansion-and one of these children may be her heir! She soon arrives, along with (from left to right on the cover) Viola Dale, Barnaby Trundle, Oliver Appleby, Frances Wellington, and Edward Herringbone. Soon, suspicous things start to appear, and a murder occurs. Can Tabitha put her skills to the test and solve the case?


I really enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait to make the poster for this report! Hope you like it!


Book Review…uh…Wednesday?

So, sorry for the delay yesterday. I was messing around on Minecraft…heh heh heh…so let’s just say this never happened, and you’ll get a good review next week. Again, sorry and happy Spring Break!

Gifs, anyone?







They see me rollin'....gif

Happy? Well, heck, it’s nice to have a little break. Happy Wednesday!

Rovender the Wise- Quotes by Mr. Kitt

I know that I’m a WondLa freak, and heck, I’m proud of it. And I’ll post more quotes from other people later. But today, I wanted to just have a compilation of most of Rovender Kitt’s quotes throughout the Search for WondLa series. There’ll also be pictures with each quote because, y’know, it’s ROVEE, for goodness’ sakes.



“You must sometimes disregard what one is saying and focus instead on what they are doing. Watch and observe. That is when one reveals his true self.”



“A heart of compassion is just as hard to hold within you as one of indifference.”



“Despite what you see and hear, there is a voice that will always be truthful to you. If you listen from here, you will never be misled.”



“Some things we must learn from experience. That is how one truly lives.”


“The real question one should ask when presented with a puzzle is, ‘Should I solve it? Do I really need to know the answer?’”


And this is my favorite Rovee quote (and one of my favorite quotes ever!);


“Tiny-yes. Insignificant-never. No living thing is insignificant.”


*squeals loudly* ROOOOOVVEEEEE!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Book Review Tuesday (3/15/16)-The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook

Hi! I’m kind of running out of books to review, so today I’m doing a book I read at the library this summer that I liked. CATS!



The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook

Oona and her five year old brother Fred adore their cat Zook*. But he’s getting old, and he has to stay at the vet because of an illness. Oona tries to console Fred and tell him that this is just one out of Zook’s nine lives and makes up stories about Zook’s already lived lives. All the while, Oona keeps wondering-is Zook going to make it?


I really liked this book, and in honor of, well, you know, cats, I took a picture of one of my cats with this book (I may post it later). Enjoy!




*short for Zucchini

I See no Difference

So (I realized this a month or two ago), I discovered something weird that will make you think that I am virtually insane.

Marzug is Snape reborn.

Don’t get it?

First, a picture of Marzug himself (flanked by New Attican automatons)

Photo on 3-14-16 at 4.40 PM.jpg


And here is a meme I made.


Now, I’m sure almost none of you get it, so I’ll explain everything.

Marzug is an extremely minor character who appears in A Hero for WondLa and who is mentioned The Battle for WondLa as Cadmus’s second in command and magistrate. Of course, he looks almost nothing alike to Severus Snape. I mean, Marzug sort of dresses like a girl. But it’s in his attitude. The following passage says it all:


“You show blatant disregard for the few rules we have here, Eva Eight,” the magistrate said, his bony arms crossed. “If it were up to me, you would serve the maximum punishment for your transgressions.” 

“But we-“

“However,” Marzug continued, “it is not up to me. Cadmus would like to deal with you both personally, so I’m to take you to him immediately. Follow me please.” The magistrate exited.

-From A Hero for WondLa


Now, doesn’t that sound familiar? Like something a certain potions teacher might say to “the Potter boy”?  So that’s my theory- Marzug-reincarnation of Severus Snape.



Book Review Tuesday (3/8/16)-Warriors-Rise of Scourge

This post is somewhat historic-the first ever Manga to make it onto BRT! I know I posted a Warriors book last week, but I just read this and it is AWESOME! Scourge-stereotypical villain, but awesome and Grand High Lord of Karma. Really, if you read this, you’d understand.


Warriors-Rise of Scourge

This is the untold story of Scourge-the infamous tyrant leader of BloodClan, a group of cats bent on destroying the forest Clans and taking it for themselves. As a kit, Scourge, then known as Tiny, was the runt and outcast. It seemed that even his mother prefered his siblings over him. But when he grows older and runs away from home, he meets ThunderClan cats-Bluefur, Thistleclaw, and Tigerpaw. Bluefur was fine, but Thistleclaw wanted Tiny out-and ordered Tigerpaw to attack the little kit. Tiny was haunted by the two cats ever since, and he set out on a mission to destroy the clans forever.


Seriously, this is a COOL BOOK. Technically Manga, but STILL. Cool!!!!

An Extremely Weird Coincidence

So, this is just COMPLETELY random, but I want to post it kind of badly.

Has anyone seen Cinderella? The newer one (I can’t remember exactly remember when it came out)?


So, in the scene where Cinderella first meets Prince Kit, she calls him “Mr. Kit”.

Sound familiar? No?

But when I saw it, I found the strangest coincidence.


Now, in The Search for WondLa, when Muthr first meets Rovender Kitt (and for the majorityof the book), she calls him Mr. Kitt.


The only difference is the number of t’s in their names. So either Prince Kit is secretly a Cærulean, or Rovender is a “hot” prince with a British accent. Plus, Cinderella and Muthr must have some connection as well. WHAT. THE. HECK.

Weird, right? Only a true fan could notice such things. WondLa fans, I mean. Like myself! SQUEE!