An Extremely Weird Coincidence

So, this is just COMPLETELY random, but I want to post it kind of badly.

Has anyone seen Cinderella? The newer one (I can’t remember exactly remember when it came out)?


So, in the scene where Cinderella first meets Prince Kit, she calls him “Mr. Kit”.

Sound familiar? No?

But when I saw it, I found the strangest coincidence.


Now, in The Search for WondLa, when Muthr first meets Rovender Kitt (and for the majorityof the book), she calls him Mr. Kitt.


The only difference is the number of t’s in their names. So either Prince Kit is secretly a Cærulean, or Rovender is a “hot” prince with a British accent. Plus, Cinderella and Muthr must have some connection as well. WHAT. THE. HECK.

Weird, right? Only a true fan could notice such things. WondLa fans, I mean. Like myself! SQUEE!


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