I See no Difference

So (I realized this a month or two ago), I discovered something weird that will make you think that I am virtually insane.

Marzug is Snape reborn.

Don’t get it?

First, a picture of Marzug himself (flanked by New Attican automatons)

Photo on 3-14-16 at 4.40 PM.jpg


And here is a meme I made.


Now, I’m sure almost none of you get it, so I’ll explain everything.

Marzug is an extremely minor character who appears in A Hero for WondLa and who is mentioned The Battle for WondLa as Cadmus’s second in command and magistrate. Of course, he looks almost nothing alike to Severus Snape. I mean, Marzug sort of dresses like a girl. But it’s in his attitude. The following passage says it all:


“You show blatant disregard for the few rules we have here, Eva Eight,” the magistrate said, his bony arms crossed. “If it were up to me, you would serve the maximum punishment for your transgressions.” 

“But we-“

“However,” Marzug continued, “it is not up to me. Cadmus would like to deal with you both personally, so I’m to take you to him immediately. Follow me please.” The magistrate exited.

-From A Hero for WondLa


Now, doesn’t that sound familiar? Like something a certain potions teacher might say to “the Potter boy”?  So that’s my theory- Marzug-reincarnation of Severus Snape.




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