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Rovender the Wise- Quotes by Mr. Kitt

I know that I’m a WondLa freak, and heck, I’m proud of it. And I’ll post more quotes from other people later. But today, I wanted to just have a compilation of most of Rovender Kitt’s quotes throughout the Search for WondLa series. There’ll also be pictures with each quote because, y’know, it’s ROVEE, for goodness’ sakes.



“You must sometimes disregard what one is saying and focus instead on what they are doing. Watch and observe. That is when one reveals his true self.”



“A heart of compassion is just as hard to hold within you as one of indifference.”



“Despite what you see and hear, there is a voice that will always be truthful to you. If you listen from here, you will never be misled.”



“Some things we must learn from experience. That is how one truly lives.”


“The real question one should ask when presented with a puzzle is, ‘Should I solve it? Do I really need to know the answer?’”


And this is my favorite Rovee quote (and one of my favorite quotes ever!);


“Tiny-yes. Insignificant-never. No living thing is insignificant.”


*squeals loudly* ROOOOOVVEEEEE!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


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