WondLa Fan Art vol. 1

I promised in my last post (My Neko Atsume Obsession) that I would give you a WondLa fan art page. So here it is! Hope you love the drawings! (Forgive the lighting on the pictures)


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Eva and Rovender on Otto


Besteel and Redimus

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Queen Ojo (back view). I’m in the Art elective at school, and I drew this over the weeks with the free time I had.


Gen Pryde. I also drew this in art. Really tricky!


I drew THIS in art too. 😜


Eva with her toy collection


A quick sketch of Muthr


I found this in one of my sketchbooks from more than a year ago. This is actually my very first WondLa fan art!


In my opinion, this is my best WondLa fan art ever-maybe even my best fan art period! *thinks back to this scene in The Battle for WondLa* *begins crying happy fangirl tears* 💘

Thank you for looking at these drawings. I promise-there will be more! MANY more!


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