Quiz- Which of My Favorite Series would you like most?

This was a random idea.  The title says it all, but the series aren’t in order of favorites. But I hope those of you who haven’t read these, yay! Something new! And for those of you who get something you’ve read and liked, I know you! Woot! Okay, I swear. I am not a stalker. Just TAKE THE QUIZ.


  1. So, uh…what do you like in a book?

a. Magic and humor

b. Great characters and awesome illustrations

c. A good plot and magical creatures


2. Out of these, which would you choose?

a. I just like animals.

b. Aliens!



3. Genre of choice?

a. GIMME FANTASY NOOOOOOOOW *throws temper tantrum*

b. Sci-Fi

c. Fantasy. Yeah, I like fantasy


4. The main character in your favorite book (or one you like) is…

a. A little insecure, but brave and loyal

b. Sensitive and tough

c. Sarcastic, a little bossy, but cool


5. Choose your fate!

a. fate…


c. Fate?



This time, there will be a link to the first book of the series on Goodreads as  well as a picture.

All of the books have previously featured in Book Review Tuesday.




The Familiars




MOSTLY B’Smaxresdefault copy 2.jpg

WondLa (if you didn’t notice)

PLEASE if you haven’t read it, READ IT NOW! It’s the world’s best series and DESPERATELY NEEDS RECOGNITION AND A GOOD FANDOM!



Dragonets of Destiny.jpg

Wings of Fire




So like I said, if you haven’t read this already, read them! Best stuff there is! So far, this quiz is the first I’m not taking on my own because I’ve obviously read these already. I might make more quizzes, because there’s lot’s of good stuff for us bookworms out there! ’Till morrow’s destiny!


Oh, sorry. I had to make the WondLa reference.



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