Book Review Tuesday (6/7/16)- Twelve Minutes to Midnight

Well, hi again and sorry about last week. Unfortunately, you’re likely to get a post like that about three or four more times before the end of 2016.

But hey, here I am again with another book!


Twelve Mintues to Midnight

Penelope Tredwell is the secret owner and writer of the Penny Dreadful magazine, with a hired actor in case of public appearances. Her sudden rise to fame has gotten her (more like the actor, actually…) a huge audience, one of them being the Bedlam Mental Hospital. The inmates have begun writing strange messages and ramblings wherever they can-scrap paper, the walls of their cells, and even in their own blood-at exactly twelve minutes to midnight. Can Penny solve the mystery of the inmates? And what exactly do the strange spiders have to do with it?


I just finished this book about…maybe an hour or two ago. I was pleasantly surprised, and I’ll definetely read and review the other two books, Shadows of the Silver Screen and The Black Crow Conspiracy, at some point. Thank you for reading!