Neon Cheetah’s Guide to Shelter

That’s right, I have Shelter!

It’s such a fun (and kind of heartwarming) game. I thought I’d give those of you who haven’t played it some tips and tricks.


First, these are my badgers:

Bronwyn and her babies.png

(Yes, Bronwyn is kind of a reference to the character in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.)


Now, for the tips:


Bronwyn and her Babies (Level 1).png

You start off in the burrow with five cubs. Four are healthy, but one is lying on the floor and very pale. There is also a plant right across from you. Click on the plant to give it to the sick baby, and off you go!

It takes a little while to get out of the burrow, but when you do, you enter a bright, new world full of trees and food (plants, apple trees, frogs, mice, and foxes. Foxes are hard to catch, but totally worth it-they feed all your babies).

Then, the music begins to get a little ominous and the wind blows…

You come to a clearing with patches of tall grass to hide in. But what’s to hide from?


To escape the eagle, sprint through the patches of grass and press the control button on your keyboard to crouch low.

The eagle will eventually leave you alone if a) it gets one of your cubs or b) you get far enough away from it, near a log on a canyon. The last part of level one is where you go through the log. But as you do, the log falls under your weight and takes you and your cubs into the canyon. Don’t worry, you don’t die. 🙂


Bronwyn and her babies (Lvl. 2).png

At this point, you should have 4-5 babies remaining. This level is at night, and it’s much like level one in that it has plants (but a few new ones) and frogs to eat. But, you frequently hear a mysterious…growling. An invisible  night-predator is this level’s main obstacle. You may hear something like twigs snapping when the thing is around, which causes your babies to run ahead or away from you. But you wouldn’t just leave them to die, would you? To keep the mysterious thing from killing your babies (which it will do, if it has the chance), just follow the babies and it will go away.

The end of the level is a small clearing, and you exit through a patch of tall grass.



Bronwyn and her babies (Lvl. 3).png

At this point, you should have 2-5 babies remaining. The sky and surrounding landscape are tinted orange, making the rain look suspiciously like acid rain (no worries, it isn’t actually). The main obstacle in this level is a huge river that you have to cross. My tip is to cross after the two large waves pass. You’ll have to cross multiple sections of the river before the level endds, and it’s virtually inevitable (as far as I know) for one of your babies to get swept away and drown. After that, the river will make a gurgling sound and the waves won’t come back. Along the way are plants, apples, frogs, and a pair of foxes. The level ends with you going under a rock arch.



Bronwyn and Annie (Lvl. 4).png

At this point, you should have about 1-4 babies remaining. In this level, there is a forest fire. The fire itself doesn’t hurt you- if you do touch it, you just come out with your back smoking a little and yelping 😉. But, the fire causes branches to fall, blocking your path and spreading more fire. And then…


Sorry. Use the same technique as level one, and you’ll escape eventually through a small tunnel. After that, it’s just more fire, plants, and a fox. You exit this level by going into what looks like a tunnel.



Bronwyn, Annie, Jimmy, and Phil.png

At this point, you should probably have 0-3 babies remaining. This is a mostly peaceful level, with most of the same foods as the other levels. It’s pretty normal, until you get to this rock arch…

…and the eagle returns AGAIN.


Sprint to a  close tunnel to escape the eagle first. It’s much like your burrow in level one. After navigating that, there is more grass to hide and sprint in (yes, he’s still looking for you 😳). The eagle will probably have the chance to swipe one cub. And then, the unexpected happens:

The eagle starts going after YOU.

Sadly, you can’t escape it. After a few crippling blows from the eagle, he carries you away.

Goodbye, Bronwyn.png

Then, it goes quiet, and it shows your babies (if you still have any left) walking away from the spot you were carried off from, looking sad and dejected. Then, there are credits, which are pretty boring. But after them, it goes BACK to you in the eagle’s talons, approaching a nest of little eagle chicks. It’s kind of sweet. ☺️

Now, for some tips that apply to most of the levels:

-Click to call to your pups. If you’re far away, you automatically bark louder.

-Foxes are hard to catch. My strategy is to get close to them in tall grass, and then pounce.

-If some of the babies start to look gray, FEED THEM. They’re hungry.


Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps you with Shelter or at least convinces you to play it. Badgers!


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