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A Metaphor that for some reason, I want to post on the internet

This is just a metaphor that I came up with last night.

Book genres are sort of like being in a swimming pool.

For visualization reasons, here’s a picture:

Let’s say that this swimming pool is about six feet deep. Let’s say that you’ve read a lot of fantasy, like me. In the swimming pool, you’d probably be all the way underwater, doing crazy tricks.

Now, for science fiction. I’ve read about half as much of it as I’ve read fantasy. Here, I (or you) would probably be about halfway underwater.

Now, for…how about YA? Being a tween, I haven’t read too much of that, so I would be standing on the little stairs, the water about up to my ankles.

Then for something like romance, I wouldn’t be in the pool, period.


This metaphor could work for other genres, like say, music. I’ve been swimming deep in Rock and Alternative for pretty much most of my life. The water’s up to my ankles in Pop. Whereas metal, I tried dipping my toes in the water a few times and decided that it wasn’t exactly my thing (with about two exceptions).

Thank you for reading my random metaphor. Squawk.



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