It’s My 13th Birthday!!!….oh wait, that’s tomorrow.

Yeah. So I’m turning 13 tomorrow, which is the first day of school. *hisssssss*

So, I opened my presents today. The majority of them were t-shirts. I’ll show you guys pics later b/c they’re currently in the wash. 😜 I also got some makeup, two AWESOME books (Monstrous and Ravenous, both by MarcyKate Connolly), and a new playlist.  Heh, so guess what I’m listening to right now??

St. Vincent? Nope, sorry.

David Bowie? Hah. Nice try, but no.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Okay, you really know me, but no.

You’re totally going to think I sound insane when I say that I’m listening to Nine Inch Nails. Specifically, “Head Like a Hole”. Good stuff!

Also, because of one of my t-shirts, I discovered the queen of adorable, Pusheen the cat.

Here’s an idea of how adorable she is:









So yeah. Let’s just say I’m obsessed now…

So everyone, happy teeny-tiny remainder of summer (if you still have any) and happyish school year. Expect an awesome review on Tuesday!


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