Happy Birthday, Neon Cheetah!

Hi there! Technically, my blog turned 1 sometime in August, but today marks the first anniversary of my first post (see Aw Yeah Cat Drawings! ). So today, I’m giving you a treat- memes, fan arts, a book review (I didn’t do one last week b/c I was in California on a trip with my school), and a BIG REVEAL! So first, the memes:




The Elder Guardian knows where you live…






This actually happened. Oops…


Two words. Chris Pine.


Mr. Whiskers ALSO knows where you live…


This actually happened. It was SO WEIRD. Please don’t bother asking.


Now, the fan arts:




My friend dared me to do this. Wings of Fire + WondLa. 😉




Delphi Diggory (from The Cursed Child )

Now, the BOOK REVIEW! (Note: I’ll be doing another one tomorrow)

BOOK REVIEW…MONDAY (9/19/16)- Doll Bones


Zach, Poppy, and Alice have been friends since they were little. For as long as they have been friends, they have played pretend games as well-building a fantastical world of monsters and pirates, all under the rule of the Great Queen, a china doll locked in a glass cupboard. But now they’re in middle school, and Zach has forfeited the game. Just after that, Poppy has visions of the Queen, and she knows that they must come back together again to help the restless Queen find peace. Can she, Zach and Alice complete the quest?

I read this while I was in California, and I thought it was very good! Four stars! Very imaginative and original.

Now…the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for…


Remember my previous post, Graphic Novel Things?

Well, I finished the  first draft of the script last night, and I thought it would be fitting  to reveal the graphic novel’s story.

Now, do you memember my Daughters of Bast stories (see Stories: Part(s) 1,2, & 3) ?

I’m making the first story into the graphic novel!!!!!!!

If you don’t remember, just try and find those posts.

I’m not going to spoil anything, and I’m CERTAINLY not going to give you the script yet, so I’ll just show you the logo, and that will be the end of it.

Daughters of Bast logo.jpeg

One more thing: It’s way better than the original. 😉

Well, bye for now! Have a nice day knowing that the Elder Guardian and Mr. Whiskers are stalking you at this very moment!


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