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WondLa Fan Art Vol. 2

Normally, I would  have a few more drawings in this post, but I posted some of my recent ones on the 19th (see Happy Birthday, Neon Cheetah!). So, I only have five, lonely fan arts 😦

But hey, they’re still fan arts!


I did this a few months ago. Originally, I wasn’t going to color it. But then I got bored and did color it, and it turned out pretty cool.


I did this in my art elective at school (I got it again! WOOT WOOT). I’m not actually submitting it to Google, mainly because hardly anyone would get it in the first place. Super fun to draw.


I drew this right after my first WondLa fan art of Eva Nine (see WondLa Fan Art Vol. 1). Like you can see that I wrote, I never thought that I would ever be able to draw the amazing Rovender. And here I am now!


I drew this just about two hours ago in the art elective. I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF for FINALLY MANAGING TO TO DRAW REDIMUS and actually have it LOOK GOOD!!!! 😍 😍 😍

And finally…

I know I said last time that I thought my fan art of Eva hugging Rovender was my best fan art yet, but now, I’ve drawn better! Now it’s a tie between the one I did of Zin and Eva (see Happy Birthday, Neon Cheetah!) and this one.


This one probably will hold the top spot for a pretty #%*$ long time now…

Hope you like my latest fan arts! ‘Till morrow’s destiny, everyone! 😉

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