Book Review Tuesday (10/25/16)-The Changelings

Hi everyone, and welcome to the last BRT of October! I hope you guys have a great rest of the month and and AWESOME Halloween!

Don’t you worry, I’ll tell you guys ALL about my costume later.

Anyway, here’s a fun and adventurous book for all you fantasy lovers!


The Changelings

Things are definetely not what they seem for Izzy Doyle. The seemingly normal town she and her family has moved to is definitely the opposite on a closer look. Her neighbor, who is rumored to be a witch, has strange stone-and-leaf  towers outside her front lawn. Then, things take a wicked turn when Izzy’s little sister Hen is lost in the woods, and Izzy stumbles upon a portal to the world of the Fairies. There, she meets a gang of Changelings, who help her discover the fate of her sister- she’s been captured by the Queen of the Fairies! Can they save her before she falls prey to the malicious Queen?


Though I finished it in a day (Hahahaha…I read too fast), this was a book worth reading. Enjoy!


Book Review Tuesday (10/18/16)-Mars Evacuees

Hello everyone! Just another slightly chilly, pretty, aesthetic day in October. Perfect time to…uh…read some sci-fi?


But here you go!


(Forgive the pixellation of the cover)

Mars Evacuees

Set about 15 years into the future, where the polar icecaps are encroaching farther and farther south, caused by an alien race that has begun to colonize Earth. Alice Dare (not Alistair, people, get it right) has been chosen, along many other kids in the world, to evacuate to a space station on Mars. Life on the space station is relatively normal (and pretty boring) until…all of the adults mysteriously disappear. Now, Alice and her friends Carl and Josephine are stuck on Mars. Can they survive Mars- and they aliens that could be hiding in every corner?


To tell you the truth, this book was a little slow at first, but trust on the fact that it gets better. Mostly the aliens. But yeah. A great sci-fi read!

Book Review Tuesday (10/11/16)- Going Wild

I was so excited to be able to read this book! I had it on hold for at least 4 months on the kindle library. Great book! Not disappointing!


Going Wild

Charlie’s life isn’t so great right now. She just moved from Chicago to Phoenix, and the last thing she wants is to leave all of her friends there. But when looking through her packages from the move, she finds a mysterious bracelet. None of her friends or family gave it to her. Mistaking it for an ordinary athletic bracelet, she puts it on and takes it to soccer practice. Shortly after, the strangest things begin to happen- she suddenly possesses the speed of a cheetah, the healing powers of a starfish, and the strength of an elephant. Can she keep her powers a secret? And who gave her the bracelet in the first place?


This is an awesome book for animal-lovers and comic-lovers alike! A short but AWESOME read!

Bye for now!


Book Review Tuesday (10/4/16)- Fog Diver (series)

Hello everyone! Introducing the first BRT of October! I finished this two-book series in late September, and enjoyed it a lot. I hope you do too. If you read it, that is. You definetely should.


The Fog Diver

Set in a future where lethal white fumes called the Fog have shrouded the earth, leaving only the  mountain peaks exposed. On the tops, five families battle for space and resources, ruled by the infamous Lord Kodoc. On the very bottom are the junkyards, where those with less resources eek out a living. Chess lives in the junkyard, where he and his crew, Hazel, Swedish and Bea operate a salvage raft to retrieve objects in the fog. Chess is special- he was born with the fog in his eye, allowing him to survive in it. But Lord Kodoc knows this, and he’ll do anything to capture Chess…


The Lost Compass

Chess and his crew have made it to Port Oro, located at the tops of the mountains, without being captured by Lord Kodoc. There, they discover a secret- legend has it that hidden in the Fog is an ancient device that can stop the Fog forever. With Chess, it’ll be easier to find it, but Lord Kodoc also knows this secret…

Like I said, this is a wonderful series, filled with action, heart, and humor! Definetely for sci-fi fans or anyone who loves a good adventure.




Redefined/“Hipster” Words Rant (Me being a complete nerd)

Yeah. I’m sort of bored, and I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. Hopefully you won’t be annoyed out of your minds. Hehe…

Am I the only one here who thinks that some of the words that today are considered “hip” are just plain weird? I mean, most of them are derogatory and have nothing to do with their usage. I have three examples of redefined words that get on my nerves:

1- Sick

Why the flipping heck do people use sick (a word that basically means unhealthy or bad) to say that something is cool? What were those people thinking when they came up with that? To quote a friend of mine, “I need a telescope to see your logic.”

Someone: I just downloaded some really sick beats!

Me: …so you’re saying your music is diseased? How is that even possible?


2- Dank

Again, WHERE IS THE LOGIC? If something is dank, it usually means musty and damp. Ew.

Someone: This is so DANK!

Me: Uh…*looks around and sniffs* I don’t see or smell anything that bad…


3- Tubular

Now this is just strange. No questions asked.

Someone: *looking at phone* That’s totally tubular!

Me: *looks at picture* Er…[insert whatever photo is of] isn’t even vaguely shaped like a tube…

Someone: Oh my god, you are like, so weird! *flips hair and leaves*

Me: Just sayin’…


So yeah. I was just finding a quick outlet for the sake and sanity of the left side of my brain. Ciao.


Technically, October began yesterday, but still.

I went on a hike with my dad this morning, and I just wanted to share some of the artsy, fall-y, leafy, and aesthetic pics I took. 😉


I ❤ nature



IMG_0456.jpgI am so proud of myself for this one! I love aspens!

So yeah! Random artsiness! Have a very happy October! 🙂