Redefined/“Hipster” Words Rant (Me being a complete nerd)

Yeah. I’m sort of bored, and I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. Hopefully you won’t be annoyed out of your minds. Hehe…

Am I the only one here who thinks that some of the words that today are considered “hip” are just plain weird? I mean, most of them are derogatory and have nothing to do with their usage. I have three examples of redefined words that get on my nerves:

1- Sick

Why the flipping heck do people use sick (a word that basically means unhealthy or bad) to say that something is cool? What were those people thinking when they came up with that? To quote a friend of mine, “I need a telescope to see your logic.”

Someone: I just downloaded some really sick beats!

Me: …so you’re saying your music is diseased? How is that even possible?


2- Dank

Again, WHERE IS THE LOGIC? If something is dank, it usually means musty and damp. Ew.

Someone: This is so DANK!

Me: Uh…*looks around and sniffs* I don’t see or smell anything that bad…


3- Tubular

Now this is just strange. No questions asked.

Someone: *looking at phone* That’s totally tubular!

Me: *looks at picture* Er…[insert whatever photo is of] isn’t even vaguely shaped like a tube…

Someone: Oh my god, you are like, so weird! *flips hair and leaves*

Me: Just sayin’…


So yeah. I was just finding a quick outlet for the sake and sanity of the left side of my brain. Ciao.


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