I’m back, everyone! I hope you’re having a great spring break so far! I had SUCH and amazing time at the Grand Canyon. Absolutely breathtaking. The pictures don’t do it justice. BEAUTY!!!


Okay. I know what you’re thinking-HOW THE #$^& DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE GRAND CANYON? Well, we saw this on the drive to the Grand Canyon by a sketchy burrito place. Only in Arizona…




The first time I saw the Grand Canyon, I literally froze in place, I was so astonished!


Kinda-sorta-maybe panorama


Cheesy name, incredible view.



The next few pictures are..uh…a little weird, shall we say. Just a warning…




Why does death have to be SO ADORABLE AND FLUFFY?!?!?!?!?

I hope you enjoyed my GC pics, and have a great rest of your Spring break! I’ll be back on Tuesday with some more book reviews. Ciao!


WondLa Fan Arts Vol. 3


I don’t just have new fan arts of various fandoms…

I HAVE A BUNCH MORE WONDLA ONES!!! *loud noisemakers* * intense confetti*YAAAAY.gifRandom sparkles.gif



…Okay. Now for the fan arts.



Eva and Dodo.


The Evas (Eight and Nine)


Eva and Queen Ojo


Eva and Arius (hmm…is anyone else noticing a theme here? LOL)


WONDLA THINGS!!!!! (WondLa+Stranger Things)

And finally…


Hey wait a minute…


I really hope you loved my WondLa fan arts (and the pointless gifs)!!!

See you next time!*






*probably sometime after Spring Break…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA



have some fan arts


Ms. Marvel!!!


SPIDER GWEN! (Both Ms. Marvel and Spider Gwen are great comics that you guys should really read 😊)


Greta (from Ravenous)


Kymera and Batu the dragon (from Monstrous)


El and her beloved Eggo waffles (from Stranger Things, which you guys NEED TO WATCH)


(from left to right) Dan, Genna, Cat, and Yarri (from The Ruby Key)


Self-explanatory…(“Hedwig’s Theme” blaring)


for the grand finale…


This one has an interesting story behind it. The idea came to me in a dream-the dream was that I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw that a friend of mine had drawn Frank (Madman) as a cat and with a turquoise costume (???). When I woke up, I was inspired to draw Frank (left) and Joe (right) as cats. 😻

(You guys seriously need to read Madman too-SUCH A GOOD COMIC OMG)

I hope you liked my fan arts, guys! Meow!

[cat intensifies].gif

Book Review Tuesday (3/21/17)-Short

Hey everyone!

I know that I’ve only been posting book reviews on here lately, so I’m sorry. I normally have a variety of stuff I post here. But, I just haven’t really had the time. I’ll do some more stuff later, I promise. *Hamilton voice* Just you wait, just you wait, just you wait…

Also, this will be the last BRT of March, because next Tuesday, I will be on the 10-hour drive back from Grand Canyon national park for spring break! I’ll definetely post something for that. I’m so excited! Anyway, here’s your book review for today.




Julia is shorter than most kids her age, which has some disadvantages-but also an advantage. Her being short is the reason that she’s been cast in the local university’s performance of The Wizard of Oz. Julia is excited, but has never seen herself as a performer. But during the play, she begins to see herself in a new light. And, after meeting one of the other fellow munchkins-a woman named Olive who has dwarfism-Julia begins to realize that being short isn’t so bad. But, the director of the play still has plans for her…


I really liked this book, and I knew it was going to be good because I already read and liked Counting by Sevens (I haven’t reviewed it, and I don’t know if I will. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it). I’d recommend it to everyone who loves a good, contemporary novel and for, well, short people!

See you next time, and enjoy the warm weather (or whatever  the weather happens to be where you live. It’s really warm here right now)!

Book Review Tuesday (3/14/17)-The Girl who Could Not Dream

Hello, my fellow bookworms! Happy Einstein’s Bday/Pi Day (I had a slice of pie in math class 😊)/Freedom Day! WOOT WOOT! HOW THE HECK IS THERE SO MUCH STUFF ON MARCH 14TH?!?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, here’s your book review!!!


The Girl who Could Not Dream

Sophie has a strange condition-she is physically unable to dream. And if she does dream, the thing from her dreams come alive. This is pretty ironic, seeing as her parents own a shop where dreams are sold in bottles. But when Sophie’s parents mysteriously disappear and some of the nightmares go missing, it’s up to Sophie, her friend Ethan, Monster, her pet dream-creature, and some other dream creatures to find the dream robber!


I absolutely loved this book! It was super original and fun. Also, Monster was great. He’s so sassy!!!

I hope you guys have a great rest of  your day! Now get out there, read, and eat some pie!

Book Review Tuesday (3/7/17)-Wonder at the Edge of the World

Hello everyone, and happy March! Yay!!!! 🐸🦋🌱🌧

I’ve been making frequent trips to my local library lately, and I’ve read loads of good book this year (as well as reading two of my favorite series, The Search for WondLa series and the Monstrous series). So many books, so little time to review! Anyway, this was one of my favorites, and it featured in a recent Instagram post I did, which was a picture of it on top of another book with a mug of hot chocolate (it was super snowy that day) on top of that. The caption was “This is the life…”

Anyway, I present to you…the first BRT of March 2017! Wheeeeeeee!


Wonder at the Edge of the World

Hallelujah “Lu”  Wonder (her father named her that because that’s what he said when she was born. Her sister is “Praise Be”), a girl in 19th century Kansas, wants to take after her father when she grows older. She wants to travel the globe, collecting strange artifacts and discovering new places. But, her father has a secret-he hid all of the treasures from across the world in a cave because a navy captain who accompanied him on one of his expeditions, is after them. Particularly, the Medicine Head, a shrunken head with mysterious powers. Lu must take the Medicine Head to the only place where no one can reach it and its powers can affect no one-Antarctica, the very place her father discovered. Can she, along with the runaway slave Eustace, get the Medicine Head to Antarctica in time?


This book was absolutely WONDERful (ba-dum CRASHHHHH), and I would recommend it for people who love adventure, whales (you’ll see, just be patient), and strong female heroines.

Word. *insert mic drop*

Book Review Tuesday (2/28/17)-Rebels

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your last day of February! (Thank god it isn’t a Leap Year…I HATE ‘EM. THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON THAT I HAD THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ON MY BIRTHDAY. CURSE LEAP YEARS!!!)


Here is my promised review of the sequel to Randoms (see BRT, 2/14/17). It is JUST AS GOOD as book 1, which is seriously saying something, so yeah! Here you go!



After returning to Earth after his last great adventure in space, Zeke Reynolds is transferred to a school in Boulder, Colorado. But, he’s got an unexpected hitchhiker-an artificial intelligence in his head by the name of “Smelly”. Pesky as he is, Smelly manages to help get Zeke back to space. Why? Zeke and his friends have another mission to complete. And this time, the Confederation of United Planets-and the lives of his friends-may hang in the balance.


If you read Randoms (and this book, hopefully), I SINCERELY hope you enjoyed it.

On a completely random note, and for the sake of geekiness, I found a bunch of Star Wars memes on pinterest today that I’m just going to put on here for the heck of it. Ready?






(I should have posted the last one on Valentine’s Day!!! 😂)

Bye, everyone, and enjoy the last *precious* (not really, February’s not all that great, tbh) hours of February!