WondLa Myers-Briggs!

On a whim, the other day, I decided to make a chart with WondLa characters according to the Myers-Briggs personality types. It was kind of hard initially to decide whether Eva Nine was an introvert or an extrovert, but I settled on introvert because that seemed to fit her. Also, I tried my best to have the whole chart without the villains, but one of the options ended up being Besteel. Sorry…

Also, Redimus is supposed to be INTJ. Whoops. 🤦‍♀️


I’m an ISTJ, which makes me…Zin! SQUEE!

Feel free to comment your character and/or personality type in the comments. I hope you liked this! ‘Till Morrow’s Destiny, my peeps! Don’t worry, I’ll have a good book review on Tuesday…


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