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So, here’s a really funny video to take your minds off of the absence of the book review…


Okay, bye! See you in July! I’m going to Comic-Con on Saturday, so I’ll definitely post some pics from that! ‘Till Morrow’s Destiny!


Book Review Tuesday (6/20/17)-The Vengekeep Prophecies

Hello, fellow bibliophiles, and happy Summer! I haven’t really celebrated the coming of Summer, per se, but I have been doing what I do best-lounge around the house and read.

And one of those books I read was this book. I thought it was a pretty decent read, and I hope you do too.



The Vengekeep Prophecies

Every year in the province of Vengekeep, a set of mysterious twins weave a tapestry that predicts the future for the next year in advance. Whatever events the tapestry shows happen, and because of the tapestry, the citizens of Vengekeep are always prepared. But not this year. The notorious Grimjinxes, a family of thieves, have forged and swapped the tapestry, which now fortells everything from fire-men to flying skeleton creatures, and with the Grimjinxes as the saviors of Vengekeep. But little did the Grimjinxes know that the events they wove would actually come true. Now it is up to Jaxter Grimjinx, his friend Callie Strom, and a few other old allies to ward off the beasts that put the very existence of Vengekeep on the line.


For me, this book gets about a 6, but it was still pretty nice. I think what I liked most is the plot twists. There are LOTS of plot twists.

Plot twist!





They were really good plot twists.

Alright, enough with the plot twists, I’ll see you all next week for the last BRT of June 2017!

Cat Photography Tips (with Hobbes the cat)

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to do this post for months, and I’m only now getting to it (wow, self).

Since late October, when my family adopted Hobbes, I’ve learned a lot of little tips and tricks for taking pictures of cats. I just thought I might share a few with you!


1. Don’t use the flash (unless you absolutely need to)

Cat eyes are very unique-they have a layer of tissue on their pupils called the tapedum, which increases the amount of light that the eye absorbs, making their night vision outstanding. This is why cat’s eyes appear to glow in the dark. That being said, if you use the flash, the tapedum kicks in, causing your cat’s eyes to glow, and therefore make them look like they’re possessed by a demon.


Terrifying, isn’t it?


2. Take lots of rapid-fire pictures

Cats, especially kittens (like Hobbes, who is now almost a year old), are very active, and will not stand still for long. So, when taking pictures of your cat running around, hold the camera button down (for iPhones and other devices like that) or push the button down really quickly a bunch of times (for regular cameras). You’ll get a lot of blurry shots out of this, but some results are hilarious. 



3. Use a toy to get their attention

Cats are not exactly the most photogenic creatures (Hobbes, I’m talking about you), and they, kittens especially, have kind of a short attention span. So, one way to get and temporarily keep their attention is to wave or shake a toy behind the camera. It works, and they’ll usually look really funny because their pupils tend to dilate.



4. Capture every moment you can

Cats pretty much look cute no matter what. Most of what they do is ADORABLE, so take lots of pictures to capture the personality of your friend. Sleeping cats look SO SWEET, cats in their “you may worship me now” pose are always hilarious, and meowing shots are always good for a laugh. So take advantage of this time with your cat, and take as many pictures…as your iPhone storage will allow.


Thank you so much for reading, and have a great summer!

Book Review Tuesday (6/13/17)-Circa Now

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful June and enjoying the summer…minus those times when it gets to be, like, 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE *vampire hissing* *plant withering noises* HISSSSSSSSSSS

Anyway, I just finished this book yesterday (after finishing the novelization of Rogue One, which, by the way, is wonderful), and I thought it was pretty cool. I hope you guys do too!


Circa Now

Circa Monroe has looked up to her father her whole life. His job is to restore old pictures on Photoshop, and he has taught her many of his photo tricks. But after answering a mysterious phone call requesting for a delivery, he is killed in a car accident. Circa is devastated, but stranger things are to come. For instance, a boy shows up in the Monroe’s front yard with no memory of his past life. But what he does have may help Circa and her mother find out about her father’s tragedy…


I thought this was a pretty interesting book, great for anyone who wants a nice, quick summer read (or just a quick read, for that matter). Also, there are hilarious photoshopped pictures after some of the chapters, which are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! All in all, a nice book.


I hope you enjoyed my review, and have a bookish summer!

Book Review Tuesday (6/6/17)-Friends With Boys

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a good June so far! I know I have. I’ve basically spent the entire summer just reading…and maybe going out to the pool or the movies or running an errand or two…but mostly just reading. Anyway, the graphic novel I’m reviewing today was one of six I picked up at the library at the beginning of the summer, and I loved it! I read it twice! So, without further ado…book review!


Friends With Boys

For her entire education, Maggie McKay has been homeschooled. But now, she has been thrust into the dark world of public education for the first time-otherwise known as high school. So far, all is relatively well. Maggie’s made a few friends (Alistair and Lucy), and her three brothers are always there for her, but then…

…the ghost comes.

This ghost has been following Maggie in secret her whole life, and has decided to show her face once again. But why? And does she have anything to do with the strange artifacts at the museum?


I absolutely loved this graphic novel! The art was so cute, and the story was very intriguing and funny, and it was all just a super fun experience. I’d say this isn’t exactly a summer read, but maybe more of a beginning-of-school-or-whatever read? I don’t know. What with Maggie starting high school and stuff and…okay just ignore me.

I hope you have a great rest of your week! Thank you for reading!

Also, before you go, you guys should all see Wonder Woman. I may or may not do a post about it, but IT WAS SO FLIPPIN GOOOOOOOD