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This kind of thing has become eerily consistent…I WONDER WHY…*coughcoughHIGHSCHOOLcoughcough*

Yeeeeep. I’ve forgotten another Book Review Tuesday, haven’t I.


I was working on a school project for a while yesterday, and I felt reeeeally tired for pretty much the rest of the day after that. So, sorry about the lack of the BRT this week. But! Never fear, spring break is coming! I’m not doing too much over break, and as far as I know, I’ll be able to get in the last Book Review Tuesday of March 2019 in then. Not to worry, fellow bibliophiles, I won’t forget next time!


I’ll also be going to Black Canyon of the Gunnison on Friday, so I’ll try and post some photos from there once I get back. I’ve heard it’s beautiful, and I’m very excited to go for the first time! I’m also hoping to see Captain Marvel over break as well, so I might be able to write a review on that one. SQUEE!


Again, really sorry about forgetting the Book Review Tuesday. See you next week! 😉

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