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Into the void I go again (hiatus announcement)

Hiding Under Blanket GIFs | Tenor

Hey bibliophiles!

Sorry, I know you were probably expecting a review on my end, but I just have a lot on my plate and am going to have even more in the next few weeks, so I think I need to take some time away from blogging for the time being. Chances are I’ll be back by the time Thanksgiving break rolls around, but I need a few weeks to study and get my grades up, so I’ll temporarily be leaving. I’ll still be checking in on all your lovely posts, but I myself won’t be posting anything for a while.

So with that, happy Tuesday, and if you’re in the U.S., PLEASE VOTE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! And on that subject, take it easy. Breathe. Lots of love. See you in a few weeks.



Your friendly neighborhood book/music/occasionally movie blogger who reads too fast and has an arsenal of absurd gifs at her disposal :) she/her ⭐︎ ISTJ ⭐︎ (pfp by @KorinMalin from picrew)

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