On Bowie

(NOTE-The reason I’m posting this a year later is because I never ended up doing on close to the actual date. I admit, I was kind of flustered.)

Sure, yeah, it’s been a year.

But somehow, it feels  like yesterday.

David Bowie, for me at least, was one of the saddest deaths in 2016. He just meant so much to me and was a pretty big part of my life. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that I wasn’t born in the 70’s or 80’s, but even so, I grew up with him. In fact, one of my first memories (I consider it to be around my second memory) involved David Bowie.

All I know about it are these things:

-I was in the car

-My whole family was with me

-“Kooks” was playing

I remember listening to “Kooks” a lot when I was little. Though it isn’t one of his most famous songs, it is definitely high up on my “Nostalgic Childhood Songs” list. And that’s just the beginning. I’ve heard so many Bowie songs in my life, and a huge number of them have some sort of sentimental value for me. For instance, I remember having a phase when I was about eight where all I wanted to hear was “Changes”. My dad also showed me live videos of David Bowie performing it, and I always enjoyed it. I remember when I was nine, when my family stayed in Mexico for three weeks, going to sleep and listening to “Space Oddity” on my brother’s iPod (then hearing another version on the car ride from the airport). I remember hearing “Blackstar” in the car for the first time. I was really weirded out at the time, and the fact that it was nighttime enhanced that. There are so many more, but…

….now we come to January 11, 2016.

It was destined to be like any other drab Monday. I got in the car, and I waited for my brother and dad to follow. They did, and then my dad broke the news.

I remember a feeling of total speechlessness and shock. I don’t recall if I said anything or not, but then we pulled out of the garage, and my dad turned on “Lazarus”. We listened to David Bowie the whole ride to school.

At school, my best friend and I, who share a love of Bowie, made a memorial on a whiteboard. It was shaped like a tombstone, and it read:

R.I.P. David Bowie

There was never a better king of the universe.

{We signed our names here}

Then, we wrote “WHY” a bunch of times around the tombstone. Sadly the memorial was later erased for a math class. *hisssssss*

I’ve hinted multiple times this year that I couldn’t get over it. I doubt I ever will. But I will always remember him. We all will. He changed the world in such a wonderful way, and gave us the beauty of his heart, mind, and soul in music. One thing’s for sure, though…

I promise it won't be boring.png

I hope you’re having a wonderful time far above the world, Starman. Goodnight.

A Metaphor that for some reason, I want to post on the internet

This is just a metaphor that I came up with last night.

Book genres are sort of like being in a swimming pool.

For visualization reasons, here’s a picture:


Let’s say that this swimming pool is about six feet deep. Let’s say that you’ve read a lot of fantasy, like me. In the swimming pool, you’d probably be all the way underwater, doing crazy tricks.

Now, for science fiction. I’ve read about half as much of it as I’ve read fantasy. Here, I (or you) would probably be about halfway underwater.

Now, for…how about YA? Being a tween, I haven’t read too much of that, so I would be standing on the little stairs, the water about up to my ankles.

Then for something like romance, I wouldn’t be in the pool, period.


This metaphor could work for other genres, like say, music. I’ve been swimming deep in Rock and Alternative for pretty much most of my life. The water’s up to my ankles in Pop. Whereas metal, I tried dipping my toes in the water a few times and decided that it wasn’t exactly my thing (with about two exceptions).

Thank you for reading my random metaphor. Squawk.


St. Vincent (BEST. MUSIC. EVER.)

So today, I decided to introduce you guys to my favorite singer, St. Vincent. SHE IS SO AWESOME. YOU MUST LISTEN TO HER AT SOME POINT. PLEEEEAAAASSSEE!

If you haven’t already, I’ve decided to give you my favorite songs of hers, in order of when they came out. (Not in order of how I like them)

  1. “All My Stars Aligned”

Ever since I got “Marry Me” (her first album) sometime in April or May, I COULD NOT STOP listening to this song. Every time I hear it I feel as if I’m floating in space. ❤️


2. “Laughing with a Mouth of Blood”

The great thing about St. Vincent it that some of her songs (such as this) have sort of weird titles, but are  actually really beautiful songs. Like this.


3. “Rattlesnake”

Before, I had heard a few of St. Vincent’s songs, but this is the one that really hooked me on. Love!


4. “Severed Crossed Fingers”



And now…

The grand finale…

the best song in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE

5. “Bad Believer”


So please, if you haven’t already, LISTEN. You will love it. Hopefully. BYE!

Can’t Get Enough Of Myself

I assure you, I do NOT mean this literally.

That was just a Santigold reference.

So, just recently (I don’t exactly know when), Santigold released the music video for her new song “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself”. What’s really cool is that the video is interactive-it uses the picture you choose (or your webcam) IN THE VIDEO. So you see your picture on a billboard or printed on a piece of toast. How great is THAT?!?!?

Here are some pics from the video (you can save them). I did a selfie and a picture of Loroc (from The Search for WondLa series)





Here’s the link to the video:


It’s a good song, too. Hope you like it!