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Adventures in Canada

Hey, everyone! I’m back!

…weeeeell, technically, I flew back on Tuesday night, but I neglected making a post until today. So. It’s been a day or so.

Anyway, Canada was absolutely MAGICAL. I’m so excited to share my stories and pictures with you guys!

So, here’s the run-down:



On our first full day, we stayed in Banff (not Bamf, haha) National Park. The morning consisted mostly of some scenic driving. The pictures came out surprisingly well, considering they were almost all taken out of the car window.



MAN, it was absolutely STUNNING. Even though I’ve grown used to being surrounded by mountains, these mountains were a different experience entirely. Even we were at a lower elevation than back in Colorado, the Canadian Rockies felt…bigger, more jagged, more foreboding, in an odd way. Beautiful experience, in or outside of a car.



That afternoon, we took a gondola up to Sulphur Mountain. Despite the wind, the views were even more stunning in person, out in nature. Absolutely unforgettable.

It was also around this time that we discovered the delicacy of maple creme cookies. I’m addicted.



This day was easily my favorite day of the whole trip, despite having to wake up early. We drove out to Lake Louise, and went canoeing on the lake for about an hour, and hiked around afterwards. It’s easily one of my favorite places on the planet now.


The water itself seemed to glow, and canoeing over it felt like gliding over turquoise glass. That early in the morning, it was a different kind of peaceful, with only the lapping of the water against the canoe, the chirping of birds, the breeze against the mountains, and the occasional calving of the nearby glacier (fREAKY) to be heard. The color of Lake Louise is probably my favorite color–though it’s an almost identical shade of turquoise to the one I painted my room with last summer, Lake Louise has an ethereal sort of glow from within. Absolutely stunning. 



In the morning, we hiked around Lake Moraine, which was pretty close to Lake Louise. Moraine was almost equally beautiful, with the same sparkling, mesmerizing turquoise hue of its waters. The hike around Lake Moraine was heavenly, with a sort of fairytale forest spanning the length of it.




The rest of the day wasn’t quite so eventful. We drove from Banff to Drumheller, which, though sketchy (and home to its fair share of cursed, fake dinosaurs, which I’ll show later), housed something amazing…



…the Royal Tyrell Museum!


The Royal Tyrell housed one of the most impressive (if not the most impressive) collection of fossils that I’ve ever seen. It was there that I remember how much I enjoy learning about the Paleozoic era, before the dinosaurs evolved. (Pics 2-4 are all Paleozoic fossils.) It’s like nature was just experimenting, just saying, “hey, let’s give this critter 15 horns and 65 tentacles and let it run wild!” Gotta love it.

This took up most of the day. But, these weren’t the only dinosaurs we witnessed…



Behold, the Cursed Dinosaurs of Drumheller.

The Royal Tyrell is the biggest attraction in Drumheller, so they pretty much milked the whole dinosaur thing in every way possible. So, we had these freaky dudes on pretty much every street corner. The first one is actually the world’s largest fake dinosaur. Somehow they’ve got a world record for that. (*promptly flashes back to Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure) 


DAY 4 


We hightailed it out of Drumheller and drove through seemingly endless miles (*ahem* kilometers) of farmland until we arrived at Dinosaur Provincial Park. The Badlands there are a beautiful, austere landscape, something that I never would’ve expected to see in the middle of nowhere.



We walked around there for a bit, and took one too many panoramas on our phones. (Who wouldn’t?) Other than that, not much else took up our day. But there was still one more crazy event that happened on our last full day…




On out last full day, we went on a guided tour into the Badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, on the Centrosaurus Quarry hike. Though the skies were gray and gloomy, the hike was truly something else. Beautiful badlands, combined with the myriad of fossils sticking out of the ground at the very end of the hike. Most of them were from Centrosaurus, and paleontologists speculate that the sheer amount of fossils in the area was because there was a massive herd of them in the area. I scraped my elbow trying to get a good look at a fossil, but honestly? Completely worth it.


The hard rain that came upon us shortly after the hike concluded prevented us from doing anything else that day, but that hike was truly unforgettable.


We flew out of Canada the next day. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this phenomenal trip. Experiencing the beautiful nature-alive and dead-was something I’ll never forget and always treasure.


Thank you so much for reading this post! I’ll be back next week with a Book Review Tuesday! I did happen to read two A-MAY-ZING books on the trip, so it’ll probably be about one of them. Have a great rest of your day, and enjoy the first day of summer! 🙂


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“A Few Updates” 2: Electric Boogaloo

Sorry, friends, looks like I’m gonna be on another (but shorter) hiatus.



I promise it won’t be as long as it was last time, though. I’m going to Canada tomorrow (WOOHOO!), and I’ll be back about a week from now. I’m not going to be able to get to a Book Review Tuesday that week, but I’ll take LOTS of pictures from my adventures up north and compile a nice little post once I’m settled back in.

I should probably do another fan art post soonish, but I’ve already…yeah, I’ve kinda dumped a bunch of stuff on you guys since I returned from the dead about a week ago (if you’re curious, look for 6/4/19 [Aurora Rising review], my Dark Phoenix review, and 6/11/19 [Defy the Fates review].)


Again, sorry, guys. See you soon!



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Florida: The Sequel

Though it’s…a little over a week late now, here’s my chronicle of my latest Florida vacation. It was a shorter trip than usually (President’s Day weekend), but there definitely wasn’t any shortage of things to do! I hope you enjoy my pictures!




Our flight was about three hours long, and we landed in Florida a little later at night. We didn’t do a whole lot, save for have some delicious pizza (from Cappy’s) and pie (from Goody-Goody). But I did once again reunite with some old *ahem*…acquaintances, the demonic doll and the vampiric lamp.

DAY 2:




In the morning, I spent some time feeding the neighbor’s cows some Spanish moss and oranges. Some of them even let me pet their noses 😭 I’ve missed these guys.

Later that day, we had lunch in Tampa and went to the Tampa Art Museum.


Also, the only glimpse you’ll get of my sudden Lenny Busker hair, brought on by the humidity. 


Our first stop was the Robert Indiana exhibit. I’d never heard of him before, and I immensely enjoyed viewing his art and exploring the meaning behind it.




We also saw a plethora of classical Greek art. I especially enjoyed the statue of Athena and the vase with the sphinx on it.


DAY 3:

Our last full day in Florida was the always fun (and pretty much mandatory, considering the climate we’re in) beach day. This time, we went to Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island.


I didn’t get as many pictures, but it was most certainly a beautiful day. (I was too busy a. frolicking in the ocean b. trying to evade the throngs of loud tourists and c. evade the seagulls, which were frequently dive-bombing said tourists every time they saw somebody break out the sandwiches.)


DAY 3: 

Our last day in Florida was less eventful from the previous two days, consisting mostly of packing and eating Cuban food (*starts salivating*). But, I did get to visit my friends one last time.



My bovine friends, that is. 😉


Overall, a relatively quiet trip to Florida, but a fun one nonetheless. I’m sorry about how late this post came, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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Hey, everyone, I’m back from Chicago! I had SUCH a wonderful time there, and I did so many fun things there that I doubt I’ll forget. So I’ll give you the run-down of the vacation. I hope you enjoy my pictures!


DAY 1: 

After arriving in Chicago and settling into our hotel room, we visited the Shedd Aquarium, which was definitely one of my favorites things we did. I’m a total geek for marine life, so…


These were the electric eels. We got to see them being fed while we were there!
A female wolffish (or wolf eel). After seeing clips of them on documentaries for years, I was pretty psyched to see a real one.
Some snuggling seahorses. ❤
A beautiful butterflyfish picture. I’m really surprised at how good the picture turned out.
A ribbon eel that looks like it’s perpetually screaming. It kind of reminded me of the “that’s my opINION!!!” vine.
BELUGAS! There were five of them in all, and it was such a treasure to see them.


DAY 2: 

We spent the second day at the Field Museum. Definitely one of the major highlights of the trip.

Máximo, the world’s largest dinosaur.


“Excuthe me, thir…but where are your fathilitieth located?”






After watching Walking with Monsters for much of my childhood, it was pretty crazy to see a real Edaphosaurus skeleton.
Funny story…this is Daspletosaurus. But at first, I read the name on the plaque as “Despacitosaurus”. So that’s basically what I’m referring it to as now…
A pregnant stringray. Pretty stunning, if you ask me.
A short-faced bear that looks like it’s reciting Shakespeare. “To be, or not to be? That is the question…”
We also visited the traveling Antarctic Dinosaurs exhibit. This is the Cryolophosaurus. (Fingers crossed that I spelled that right…)

DAY 3:

We spent the third day at the Art Institute of Chicago. And yes, I did zoom in on that one space in that one painting in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (I can’t remember the painting’s name) a la Cameron.

The view from outside the institute.
Roy Lichtenstein in the Contemporart Art exhibit.
Miró. I believe this one is called “Circus Horse”.


After visiting the Dalí museum in Florida, it was really exciting to see some Dalí that I’d never seen before.
Van Gogh. Sweet ‘stache, bro.
It was pretty amazing to see “The Old Guitarist” after studying Picasso in Spanish class so much last year.

DAY 4:

On the morning of day 4, we took a river architecture tour. It was all really intersting and beautiful, and I loved seeing all of the different buildings.

This was probably the highlight of the morning. “Yankee…hotel…foxtrot…”

That afternoon, we saw the live recording of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me in Millenium Park. I don’t have any pictures of this, but it was HYSTERICAL. (I swear, every single word that came out of Bobcat Goldthwait’s mouth made me die laughing…)

DAY 5:

Our last full day in Chicago consisted of a visit to the campus of the University of Chicago. Or, in other words, we visited Hogwarts. Absolutely beautiful.

Don’t tell me this isn’t Hogwarts. Don’t you dare.


We visited Powell’s books, and then spent the afternoon relaxing in the hotel room. The next morning, we flew out of Chicago and back into Denver.


So, all in all, a SPECTACULAR vacation! I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures. I’m excited to get to next week’s Book Review Tuesday, as I read a certain book in Chicago that might just be my favorite…

See you soon!

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LA and Sequoia National Park 2018

Hi, everyone!

As I said earlier, the reason I wasn’t able to make another BRT this week was due to my vacation in California. I had an AMAZING time! Figured I might as well showcase a few of my highlights from my vacation. Enjoy!



Our first stop after landing was Meltdown Comics in LA. MAN, it was such a fantastic comic shop! I’m really sad it’s closing.

But hey-at least I got a few Meltdown stickers, as well as a B.P.R.D. trade paperback (which I held up like Rafiki holding Simba in The Lion King the entire duration of the visit). I ended up reading it at least six times. Yep.


Believe it or not, this is Sequoia National Park. Not Isla Nublar.

*Jurassic Park theme blaring* *T-Rex roar*


These two were taken at the Giant Forest, which houses many giant Sequoias. They were soooo beautiful! One of the park rangers suggested that we hug one of them while we were at the park, and described it as “like hugging a wall”. As it turned out, that was fairly accurate. 😜



These were all taken by Hospital Rock, which was fairly close to the park entrance. I swear, if there’s any place on Earth (*ahem* Orbona) that’s most like the Wandering Forest, it had to be there. I honestly wouldn’tve been surprised if some of the vegetation got up and ate a bird or something.

(Psst, anyone know the way to the heart?)


General Sherman, the world’s largest tree!


Lake Hume, in King’s Canyon National Park.


On a far weirder note…this monstrosity was in this tiny, sketchy town near Sequoia. The only reason we could think of to construct such a thing was to scare off them ‘squatches.

Who knows.


We visited the NHMLA after our visit to Sequoia. I had an amazing time, and I enjoyed a bit of geeking out and childhood nostalgia. Here we have the skulls of an Einiosaurus, Styracosaurous, and Triceratops.




I forget what the thing on the left is, but whatever it is, it CRACKS ME UP. (Also, that poor lil Hyracotherium is in for a big surprise…)


Pakicetus, one of the first whale ancestors. I kinda had a mental freakout when I saw this guy, as I grew up watching waaaaaay too much Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. (Okay, technically the one they have is Ambulocetus, which evolved some time later, but you get the idea.)


I hope you’re all enjoying your spring break! See ya later!


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Florida (AGAIN…)

Hey everyone! Happy happy new year!!!


As I mentioned in my last post (See 2017), I was in Florida for the past week or so. I just got back last night, and boy, I have some interesting stories…

Okay, let’s start off with the obligatory creepy doll.


This time, it was right…behind…my…bed…watching me whilst I slept…


On a much lighter note, I got a clip-on camera lens for Christmas. I took some pictures with the macro one, and got some great results!




This year, we spent most of the week at a beautiful beach called Boca Grande. The first evening gave us a beautiful sunset. I found a bunch of shells, and we set off some fireworks by the beach on New Year’s Eve! It was pretty funny. (I only took videos of the latter, so I can’t show the firework footage.)


Apparently, these guys are called butterfly shells. I personally thought this one looked more like a set of lungs.


Conch shells!


Downtown, there were a bunch of huge Banyan trees. They were beautiful! A lot of them had tiny, reddish vines running down the length of the trunk, making it look as though the trees had veins.


I found this tiny little guy sitting by the TV on the day we left Boca Grande. He seemed to like my hand a lot. So cute!


Now, for the other creepy pictures from my grandparent’s house…






Yep, the eyes on this thing are, in fact, fake. *shudder*


s o m e  p e o p l e  j u s t  w a n t  t o  w a t c h  t h e   w o r l d  b u r n


Okay, I’ll spare you some more trauma and end this post here. Sweet dreams…


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I’m back, everyone! I hope you’re having a great spring break so far! I had SUCH and amazing time at the Grand Canyon. Absolutely breathtaking. The pictures don’t do it justice. BEAUTY!!!


Okay. I know what you’re thinking-HOW THE #$^& DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE GRAND CANYON? Well, we saw this on the drive to the Grand Canyon by a sketchy burrito place. Only in Arizona…




The first time I saw the Grand Canyon, I literally froze in place, I was so astonished!


Kinda-sorta-maybe panorama


Cheesy name, incredible view.



The next few pictures are..uh…a little weird, shall we say. Just a warning…




Why does death have to be SO ADORABLE AND FLUFFY?!?!?!?!?

I hope you enjoyed my GC pics, and have a great rest of your Spring break! I’ll be back on Tuesday with some more book reviews. Ciao!

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Florida! (Again)

Hi again, everyone! Happy 2017!

I have just returned from my annual family sojourn in Florida, and it was very fun. I have LOTS of pictures to show you!


Yeah, that’s right…the soul-sucking doll is back. And this time, she was right…behind…my air mattress…


My grandma’s neighbors own cows, and they often come close to her property. I spent some time feeding them Spanish moss and grapefruit on the first day. MOO!


A monarch butterfly at Lithia Springs park.


Coquina Beach!


This is literally the saddest manatee ever. I would hardly be able that it was a manatee if it didn’t say “manatee” right next to it. Nice job…


Back at the Dalí! There was a Frida Kahlo exhibit this time, and this was from it. This is “The Chick”, which is now probably my favorite Kahlo.


“The Hallucinogenic Toreador”, my favorite Dalí painting.


Another one of my favorites, “The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft which can also be used as a Table”. Man, what a great name. Where can I get one of these?


I mustache you a question…but I’ll shave it for later.


Melting Clock bench selfie!


ARGH…THE PUNS!!!! Okay, maybe I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, but y’know.

So, I had a great time in Florida! I’ll be back on Tuesday with a book review! Ciao for now!

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Aw Yeah Alaska!

As I mentioned in my last BRT, I went to AK for about eight days. I just got back here today, and I’m exhausted. But Alaska was so awesome! Here are some pictures from my camera.


This moose was in a small lake near our cabin in Talkeetna. We didn’t get this close- just the work of the zoom lense on the camera. Ha.


Some sort of rodent at Denali National Park. We never identified it. But hey, it’s still cute, right?


Me by Savage Creek (Denali)


The most dangerous creature in Alaska…Paco the chihuahua.


We went on a plane on Tuesday over Denali. This was taken shortly after the plane took off.IMG_0104.jpg

This was also from the plane. Awesome glacier!


The next four pics are from the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, which I LOVED.



After Talkeetna, we stayed in Seward.IMG_0159.jpg

This eagle, along with three others, lived right near our cabin. It was really cool! We found three of their feathers, and in the evening we would often hear them screeching.

These last pics are from when we took an 8-hour boat tour through the Kenai Fjords. Definetly my favorite part of the trip!


The very first animal we saw- a sea otter!


A colony of Steller’s Sea Lions


We saw a pod of orcas!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE! Anyway, this picture is an adult with a baby. One of the orcas also got really close to our boat! I squealed like a teenage girl at a pop concert when I saw them. Literally.


Harbor seals on the ice


Northwestern (or Northwest. I forget) Glacier. This was our final destination before turning around. You might be able to see a harbor seal in the middle of this picture!


“Amazing” and “awesome” just don’t do justice to this. This was the second or third Humpback whale we saw, but man, she was showing OFF. As well as the breaching, she showed her fluke, blew from her blowhole, and waved her flippers. Legit whale aerobics.


As you can see, this was such a fun and memorable trip. I hope you guys are having a great summer! Plus- I read some good books in AK, so my next BRT will be great. Bye!

P.S.- Happy early Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

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Over the last portion of winter break, I visited Florida with my family. I just wanted to share a couple of  pictures…

IMG_0203 (1).jpg

A small frog rescued from Grandma’s pool! SOOO CUUUUTTE 🐸


I went to the SALVADOR DALI MUSEUM! This is one of his masterworks-I think it was called “Columbus Discovering America” or something like that. Pretty cool.


The beach! We almost couldn’t go because of the weather, but the rain stopped, so we could go! I am the one with the pink cover-up (under the green towel). I ended up catching 58 little coquinas (tiny shelled invertebrates that burrow in the sand)!


Disturbing lamp in our bedroom…RUN! IT’S A VAMPIRE!


Even SCARIER porcelain doll (also in our room) sucking the soul of The Cat in the Hat. AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Random monkey skull at Tito and Tita’s house. Guuuhh…

Well…goodbye. I hope you…er…”like” this post. The doll is going to murder you in your sleep…JUST KIDDING