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Book Review Tuesday (7/23/19)-Descendant of the Crane

Hey, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Book Review Tuesday!


SO! I’ve been meaning to review this one for…almost a month now, whew. I had semi-average expectations for it, figuring that it would be more of an interim read than anything, something to tide me over. After reading a few rave reviews from another blogger and some of the Goodreads reviews, I was ultimately convinced.

And MAN…

Descendant of the Crane truly blew it out of the water! A seamless and riveting combination of fantasy and murder mystery. Waaaaaaay better than I expected it to be.


Enjoy this week’s review!

(also, apologies for the size of the cover image, this was the best that I could find 😦  )



Descendant of the Crane

Princess Hesina has never been keen to the royal life, preferring to hide in the shadows instead of meddle in political affairs. But after her father’s death, Hesina takes it upon herself to discover the cause of his demise. The medics rule it a suicide, but Hesina is determined that it was a murder. Now the Queen, she goes against everything that the royal family stands for, enlisting the help of a soothsayer to find out how her father truly died. With the help of Akira, a criminal, poisons expert, and maybe the key to discovering the truth about her father, Hesina leads a grand investigation–one that leads into the darkest depths of her kingdom’s history.



Now, as I said, my expectations for this book were faily average. But by the end, let’s just say that my last brain cells and I were all screaming.




A lushly written, richly developed, genre-bending novel like no other. The plot had me clinging to the edge of my seat, and though I didn’t get too attached to many of the characters, they had near impeccable chemistry, and I found myself rooting for them in the end. Overall, a truly fantastic book!


The author said (in response to a question on Goodreads) that Descendant of the Crane is, in fact, a standalone, but she’s planning to write some companion novels set in the same universe. I’m personally satisfied with the decision; it’s good that she’s leaving this book alone, but I’m itching for some more action in the rich world that she’s beginning to create. 🙂


Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful rest of your day, and please take care of yourselves!


OH! One more thing…


That’s right, Ashley Poston’s Soul of Stars, the sequel to Heart of Iron (see 8/14/18) comes out TODAY! I recently preordered it, and it’s supposed to arrive about a week from now, so you can definitely expect a review around early August.



Well, that’s all for today. See you next Tuesday!






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Book Review Tuesday (7/11/17)-Where You’ll Find Me (PLUS-Bonus gif barrage for NO apparent reason!)

Good morning, afternoon, evening, eternal night, or whatever time it is where you are!

My summer has been pretty uneventful so far-besides Comic-Con, nothing much has happened. Mostly, I’ve been drawing, petting the cats, eating ice cream and popsicles every once in a while, watching movies & TV shows (SHERLOCK. OH. MY. GOOOOOOD), and regularly raiding my local library for a new set of books to read. This book happens to be one of these books…as usual. Enjoy!


Where You’ll Find Me

Anna Collette thought that going into 8th Grade this year would be fun, but she couldn’t be further from the truth. Her mother has just been hospitalized after attempting to kill herself, her “best friend” Dani just ditched her for the popular girls, and she’s stuck at home with her dad, his new wife, and her baby. And to top it all off, she’s been forced to sit at the “loser table” after being abandoned by Dani. But nothing there is as it seems. Soon, Anna finds friends in two outcasts-Shawna and Sarabeth-and soon finds her place. With their help, Anna’s been feeling a little better and more normal. But will it last?


I liked this book a lot more than I expected to. Heartwarming and heartwrenching, and overall, very endearing. I definitely wouldn’t call it a “light-read”, but it was a nice, short, good summer read. If you read it, I hope you like it!


I’ll get to posting those WondLa fan arts soon. Bye, everyone, and have a wonderful summer!



(But don’t I always?)



*Violin screeching noises*.GIFARE WE BLIND? DEPLOY THE GARRISON!.gifDon't go.gifEPIC SAX GANDALF.gif

Here I am!.gif

Hello there.gif

HOLY SWEARING CUSS.gifI've only completed two sides.gif

That felt really good for some reason. Hmm. 😏

Alright, bye guys! Have a good day!