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Book Review Tuesday (8/1/17)-Darkness of Dragons

Hello, fellow bookworms, and happy first day of August!

The book review I present is for, in my opinion, one of the most anticipated MG/YA reads of 2017. For me, Darkness of Dragons, along with Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities-I keep meaning to review those guys, but…) are my most anticipated reads of 2017 period. I will tell you one thing before this review-I was not disappointed.


Darkness of Dragons (WoF #10)

It all comes down to this.

Darkstalker is now finalizing his plans to recolonize the Lost City of the Night, and with the Nightwings, along with most of the dragons in Pyrrhia, under his spell, he appears unstoppable. But the SandWing Qibli knows that he can be stopped-by using a little magic against him. Thing is, Qibli has no magic. But what he does have is a little help from the animus SeaWing Turtle-an enchanted earring designed to protect the wearer against Darkstalker’s sorcery, and a bowl that mutliplies any object placed in it. Now, with the help of what’s left of the scattered Jade Winglet, he must find Darkstalker and defeat him once and for all-and distribute some magic earrings along the way. Can they end Darkstalker’s reign of terror?



Darkness of Dragons was not my favorite of the WoF books, but nonetheless, it was a wonderful end to the series. Also, rumor has it that Tui T. Sutherland is planning more WoF books, but the only definitive one we know of so far is that The Dragonet Prophecy (the first book in the series, if you didn’t know) is being adapted into a graphic novel this coming January. Pretty exciting!

Also, I might start working on a WoF MBTI chart (like I did with WondLa), so that will be pretty fun. I’m also definitely making a few changes to the WondLa MBTI chart I made, so stay tuned! AAAAAAND, I’ve been drawing loads this summer, so expect some new fan arts soon!

Goodbye for now, and try and stay sane until January, WoF fans!

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Happy Birthday, Book Review Tuesday!

A long time ago  One year ago, in a galaxy far, far away, on December 29, 2016…

…I made my very first Book Review Tuesday. Since then, I’ve come so far. Sure, I’ve missed a few days, but now I’m to the point where I don’t know how many reviews I’ve made (partly because I’m too lazy to do the math, but still). So today, I deliver another favorite, as well as an excerpt from my review on Goodreads of this book, which happens to be the 9th Wings of Fire book, Talons of Power.


Talons of Power

An unexpected visitor has arrived at Jade Mountain Academy. His name is Darkstalker, an animus NightWing who’s been asleep for over two thousand years, and has been the stuff of nightmares for the dragons of Pyrrhia ever since. Now, he has come promising that he has let go of his evil ways, and has begun to prove it…by giving out random superpowers for the NightWings who want them. But Turtle, a secretly animus SeaWing prince, is onto him. His suspicions are confirmed when he takes some of the fellow dragonets to the Rain Kingdom and challenges Glory for the throne, promising the NightWing refugees that he will make them a new kingdom. Can Turtle, Moon, and Kinkajou stop him in time? And will Turtle manage to keep his own powers a secret?

Now, my excerpt from my Goodreads review. It goes into a little bit more detail about Darkstalker’s plans to usurp Glory, and also reveals a possible bit of social commentary.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 1.01.56 PM.pngDarkstalker is literally Trump.jpg


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my last BRT of the year. I wish you all a happy new year!