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Book Review Tuesday (8/9/16)-The Dragon of Trelian

Hello, everyone, and Happy National Book Lover’s Day! It’s super great that it’s a Tuesday because of the aforementioned national holiday. Perfect for a book review! So get out there, read a book, and spread the love and bookworminess!


The Dragon of Trelian

Apprentice mage Calen never thought in a million years that he would ever meet a princess, and much less thought that they would ever become friends. But when it does, Princess Meglynne has a startling secret- she is caretaker for a dragon, who she calls Jakl. What’s more, Meg has a connection to the dragon like no other. Can she and Calen keep Jakl safe from those who would slay him? And, what are those mysterious, screaming creatures that appear around the castle grounds?


I’d say that for those of you who like Narnia-ish or Harry Potter-ish books, this book is most likely for you. Have a great rest of your summers, and happy reading!