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Book Review Tuesday (10/10/17)-Renegades

Hey everyone!

Okay, first of all, I’m really sorry that I couldn’t get to the first October BRT. I had loads of homework, and I had to get a lot of it done sooner due to a Shins concert at Red Rocks and a weekend trip to Vail (both of which were A-MAY-ZING!). And I’ll miss one more in about a week or so because I’m going on another school trip. So, you’re not in for as much BRTs this month, so sorry. 😦


But anyway, I’ve got a GREAT review today of one of my personal most anticipated books of 2017…

Drumroll please…




After his last adventure in space, Zeke Reynolds has landed himself on Earth yet again (unintentionally), at a boarding school for “disobedient children”. The Phands have also begun their ultimate takeover, and are slowly brainwashing the entire human race. But a quick escape by Zeke and his friends put them back into space…and far from their original plan. Now it’s all a mess-Zeke’s stuck on an uninhabited planet with Villainic, Tamret’s kinda-sorta-maybe-former boyfriend, his remaining friends have been captured, and to top it all off…Tamret’s not really his girlfriend anymore (uncertain…). With the help of a misfit gang of rebels and some unexpected allies, will Zeke and his friends be able to stop the Earth from being taken over?


OH MY GOD. Words cannot describe how this book made me feel.

Okay, well…they kinda can, but it’s a rather…unarticulate choice of words. I just went on an emotional rollercoaster-laughing, anger, mind explosion, almost crying-the whole shebang. I was in emotional disarray for about a day afterward. I’m pretty sad that one of my favorite series has to end, but it ended with a bang, and I was satisfied.


Well then, have a great rest of your day, and enjoy October!


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Book Review Tuesday (2/14/17)- Randoms

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all!!! *doles out hypothetical chocolates*

I promise you, this book has literally nothing to do with Valentine’s Day or chocolates or anything. BUT…It just so happens to be the best book I’ve read this year! No joke. It’s also easily THE GEEKIEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ. And I assure you, that is never, ever, a bad thing. Hope you enjoy!


(SIDENOTE: Do not underestimate the cover. It may be slightly corny, but the book is infinitely better.)


Out in the (semi) far reaches of space, there exists the Confederation of United Planets, an organization of many alien races that joined together to fight back an impending evil. And now, they seek to see if Earth is a valuable candidate to join the Confederation. So, they picked four kids from around the world to stay at their station for one year. Charles excels at math and science. Mi Sun is a master of martial arts. Nayana is exceptionally good at chess. And then there’s Zeke. He’s the random. (But hey-he’s a total sci-fi geek. Where’s the harm in that?) The concept of going to space seems very exciting. And it is-until Zeke accidentally causes an enemy ship to explode. Now, rejected by his own species and a war criminal, he joins forces with the other Randoms-outcasts of their own species and only sticking to one another. But they soon find out that they might not be so “random” after all…


Calling all sci-fi nerds, geeks, fanboys and fangirls! This book is THE BOOK FOR YOU! I absolutely LOVED IT, and I’m about to read the sequel, Rebels, so I might review that next week or in the weeks to come.

Now, to end this sci-fi Valentine’s Day, here are some…you guessed it…GIFS!!!