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Book Review Tuesday (7/4/17)-The Doom Machine

Hey everyone, and Happy Independence Day for those of you in America! (MURCA! EAGLES! FORDS! GUNS! BEER! Okay, I’ll stop now…)

Sorry about last week, but hopefully the Meme school video tided you guys over. This is the first BRT of July 2017, so here you guys go!


The Doom Machine

Vern Hollow, New York, 1956. Jack Creedle leads an ordinary life as a paperboy, living with his uncle Bud, who repairs cars. Or so it seems…

Bud Creedle is hiding a secret-he’s constructed a time machine (that looks mysteriously like an ordinary refrigerator), and that time machine attracted the attention of aliens. The Skreeps-9 foot tall, alien spiders, to be exact. And they want the machine for themselves. In an instant, Jack’s world is turned upside down as he, along with Isadora Shumway, the daughter of a scientist, and Bud, along with four others, are whisked off on a crazy adventure across the universe*. Can they keep the time machine from the aliens?


The Doom Machine was a really great read. I’d probably recommend it for Star Wars fans, or really anyone else who loves a fun, fast-paced sci-fi novel. Love!


Now, as promised, here are my pictures from the Denver Comic-Con on Saturday!


Here’s my cosplay-Eleven from Stranger Things! (SPOILER-this will also be my Halloween costume!)


Close-up. My mom used some lipstick for the nosebleed. 😄


There were a bunch of awesome and hilarious El cosplays this time, which were very enjoyable. They (myself included) were probably all attracted to the holy presence of…


…the great MILLIE BOBBY BROWN (Eleven from Stranger Things)!!!!! I got to take a brief picture with her! She was so nice, and it was such an honor to meet her! SQUEE!


I hope you guys have a great day and a great rest of your week! Happy fourth!













*Hehe…unintended Beatles reference


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Book Review Tuesday (4/18/17)-Forget Me Not

Hey everyone! I hope you had a happy Easter/Passover/whatever it is you celebrate, and a happy Spring as well! I finished this book fairly recently (something else happened on that same day, which I’ll tell you about later), and I loved it! I know I say this every single #$%*ing time, but I hope you enjoy it too. Really, I do.

Forget Me Not_Cover.jpg

Forget Me Not

Calliope June is moving to yet another town because her mother broke up with yet another boyfriend. Calliope is sick of moving, and now she has to go to a new school. She must face the struggles of an ordinary kid and then some-she has Tourette’s syndrome. Calliope often finds it hard to control her various tics, be it humming, clapping, making faces, and occasionally frog croaking, which causes her to be the target of mean jokes and bullying. Only Jinsong, her next-door neighbor, sees her as she really is. Will Calliope truly be accepted?


This novel was absolutely wonderful, from the switching perspectives of Calliope and Jinsong (one was in verse, the other was normal. Cool, huh?), and the imaginative voices of both characters. Forget Me Not is a success!


Okay, before I go, here is the amazing thing that happened on Thursday….



G. WILLOW WILSON!!!!!!! *fangirl sobbing*


OH MY GOoOoOoOoOoD.gif

(my reaction in a nutshell + happy fangirl tears)

It was so amazing to meet her, and she was so nice, too! I AM NOT WORTHY *profuse bowing*

I hope you have a great Tuesday/rest of your week!