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Goodreads Monday (10/14/19)–The Cerulean

Hi again, fellow bibliophiles!

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme created by Lauren’s Page Turners. It’s simple: all you have to do is pick a book off of your Goodreads TBR list, and explain why you want to read it.


This one seems to have been getting a lot of hype, and the premise seems pretty interesting. I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint, but only time will tell…

Without further ado, let’s begin this week with Goodreads Monday!





Blurb from Goodreads:

Sera has always felt as if she didn’t belong among her people, the Cerulean. She is curious about everything and can’t stop questioning her three mothers, her best friend, Leela, and even the High Priestess. Sera has longed for the day when the tether that connects her City Above the Sky to the earthly world below finally severs and sends the Cerulean to a new planet.

But when Sera is chosen as the sacrifice to break the tether, she doesn’t know what to feel. To save her City, Sera must throw herself from its edge and end her own life. But something goes wrong and she survives the fall, landing in a place called Kaolin. She has heard tales about the humans there, and soon learns that the dangers her mothers warned her of are real. If Sera has any hope to return to her City, she’ll have to find the magic within herself to survive.


So why do I want to read this? 

If anything, I’m hoping that The Cerulean will be an interesting blend of sci-f9fantasy, at best. It seems like it could easily swerve into tropey, chosen-one territory, but I have faith that, at least, this will be a story of a young woman’s perserverance. The cover looks…okay, not going to lie here, it’s gorgeous. And Goodreads has it shelved as LGBT, soooo…🤞


To be honest, I’d forgotten that I’d shelved The Cerulean on my TBR, so I’ll have to see if it’s available at the library. Again…🤞


Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day, and stay tuned for Book Review Tuesday tomorrow, and some book tags later in the week!