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Book Review Tuesday (10/25/16)-The Changelings

Hi everyone, and welcome to the last BRT of October! I hope you guys have a great rest of the month and and AWESOME Halloween!

Don’t you worry, I’ll tell you guys ALL about my costume later.

Anyway, here’s a fun and adventurous book for all you fantasy lovers!


The Changelings

Things are definetely not what they seem for Izzy Doyle. The seemingly normal town she and her family has moved to is definitely the opposite on a closer look. Her neighbor, who is rumored to be a witch, has strange stone-and-leaf  towers outside her front lawn. Then, things take a wicked turn when Izzy’s little sister Hen is lost in the woods, and Izzy stumbles upon a portal to the world of the Fairies. There, she meets a gang of Changelings, who help her discover the fate of her sister- she’s been captured by the Queen of the Fairies! Can they save her before she falls prey to the malicious Queen?


Though I finished it in a day (Hahahaha…I read too fast), this was a book worth reading. Enjoy!