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Book Review Tuesday (4/5/16)-Varjak Paw

Happy April, guys! This book is one that I bought recently on my kindle (and liked)


me- *finishes Varjak Paw* Hey, I wonder if the Mesopotamian Blue is a legit cat

Google search-mesopotamian blue

First result-Varjak Paw-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

me-*mental face palm*


So yeah. For future readers, the Mesopotamian Blue is not a real cat. But…NOBODY CARES!



Varjak Paw

This story follows Varjak, a purebred Mesopotamian Blue. He is shunned by his family because his eyes aren’t the correct color for the breed. But one day, the Gentleman and his twin black cats invade the house, and Varjak escapes and leaves his family behind. Now outside, he must find his way home through the city, with dangerous cat gangs and the infamous Sally Bones on the loose. Can Varjak come back home and save his family?


For all cat people (and dog people too, I guess. There is a funny little dg in this book), this is the book for you! Meow! Randomness!



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