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Book Review Tuesday (4/19/16)-Sky Jumpers

Hi guys! Like my last post? If so, thanks. Here’s your book review! (HELP ME! I’M HAVING AN ATTACK OF CHEERFULNESS!!


Sky Jumpers (I think this might be a series. Sorry…)

Hope is a normal girl in White Rock, a city recovering from the horrors of World War III.The only thing that isn’t normal is that she has always failed at inventions. After failing again, she discovers that bandits will invade. The people of White Rock have invented a life-saving medicine, and the bandits want it for themselves. Can Hope save the medicine, her father, and White Rock before it’s too late?

I just finished this about a day ago. And the funny thing was that in the book, there’s a big blizzard that gets in Hope’s way-and there was a blizzard here that produced over three feet of snow at our house! How weird is that? Well, heck. It’s CO.

Thank you for reading!



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