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Book Review Tuesday (9/5/16)- Serafina and the Twisted Staff

Hello, and happy September! This is the second book in the Serafina series, and it just came out this July. I’d definetely say that the first book was better than this (see BRT 4/26/16), but it was still good all the same.


(Why do these cover images always have to be so BIG? And, if you make them smaller, they’re so tiny…#firstworldproblems)

Weeks after the Man in the Black Cloak is defeated, a man named Detective Grathan comes to investigate the case at Biltmore Estate. But now, a growing threat that may mean the end of all life in and outside of Biltmore, is coming. Serafina suspects that the detective, as well as  the suspicious Lady Rowena, may have something to do with it. Can Serafina save Biltmore-again-from an evil that may surpass the Man in the Black Cloak?

Like I said, the first book was better, but that doesn’t mean that this was bad. So, Serafina fan or not, this is a good read! Just read the first book first, obviously. Ciao!



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