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Book Review Tuesday (2/7/17)- The Question of Miracles

Hello and welcome to the first BRT of February 2017!

So many books to review, so little time! Along with the book I’m reviewing, I just finished the second book of the Expeditioners series (see previous post), and I’ve got lots more great reads that I’d LOVE to share here, but I just don’t have the time…*sighs longingly* First world problems. 😛


The Question of Miracles

Iris Abernathy never wanted to make the move with her family from Seal Beach, California  to Cornvallis, Oregon. Not only is it wet and rainy pretty much 24/7, her best friend Sarah recently passed away.Iris can’t shake the memory of her friend, and often hears her voice (her ghost?) around the house.  But things begin to look up when she meets Boris. On the outside, he’s awkward and nerdy. But he holds a deep secret-he’s a miracle. He was supposed to be born dead, but miraculously survived. After hearing this, Iris begins to wonder-why do some get miracles and others never do? And can she egt one and talk to Sarah again?


I liked this book a lot! It reminded me a lot of The Thing about Jellyfish (see 12/6/16). I even posted this on Instagram upon starting it:


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.12.21 PM.png

Have a happy February, stay warm, and keep on being a bookworm!




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