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Book Review Tuesday (2/21/17)-Furthermore

Hello, everyone!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful February, as well as not eating TOO too much candy and avoiding getting some form of obesity or diabetes because of V-Day candy. 😉

I bought this particular book last Saturday at my local bookstore, and I enjoyed it a lot! Very whimsical and fun. Here’s the review!



Alice Alexis Queensmeadow (and her life) is anything but normal. She was born completely devoid of pigment, except for her brown eyes, in a town bursting with color. Her father left Alice and her mother when she was nine, taking only a wooden ruler along with him. And, she seems to have no magical powers, either. But she does have one thing-determination. Determination, that is, to bring her father home. To find him, she must travel to the land of Furthermore, a world full of twists, turns, and nothing predictable. Can she, along with her guide Oliver, retrieve Father and come back alive?


This book was reminiscient of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (hey-the main characters are both named Alice…Coincidence? I think not…JUST KIDDING! HAH!), and it was full of lively, unexpected twists and just overall fun. A super entertaining read!

As I promised, I’ll review the second Randoms book in the weeks to come (which, by the way, was AWESOME), as well as anything else I feel is worthy of my blog! Until next time, my peeps!



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