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Book Review Tuesday (3/7/17)-Wonder at the Edge of the World

Hello everyone, and happy March! Yay!!!! 🐸🦋🌱🌧

I’ve been making frequent trips to my local library lately, and I’ve read loads of good book this year (as well as reading two of my favorite series, The Search for WondLa series and the Monstrous series). So many books, so little time to review! Anyway, this was one of my favorites, and it featured in a recent Instagram post I did, which was a picture of it on top of another book with a mug of hot chocolate (it was super snowy that day) on top of that. The caption was “This is the life…”

Anyway, I present to you…the first BRT of March 2017! Wheeeeeeee!


Wonder at the Edge of the World

Hallelujah “Lu”  Wonder (her father named her that because that’s what he said when she was born. Her sister is “Praise Be”), a girl in 19th century Kansas, wants to take after her father when she grows older. She wants to travel the globe, collecting strange artifacts and discovering new places. But, her father has a secret-he hid all of the treasures from across the world in a cave because a navy captain who accompanied him on one of his expeditions, is after them. Particularly, the Medicine Head, a shrunken head with mysterious powers. Lu must take the Medicine Head to the only place where no one can reach it and its powers can affect no one-Antarctica, the very place her father discovered. Can she, along with the runaway slave Eustace, get the Medicine Head to Antarctica in time?


This book was absolutely WONDERful (ba-dum CRASHHHHH), and I would recommend it for people who love adventure, whales (you’ll see, just be patient), and strong female heroines.

Word. *insert mic drop*



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