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Book Review Tuesday (3/21/17)-Short

Hey everyone!

I know that I’ve only been posting book reviews on here lately, so I’m sorry. I normally have a variety of stuff I post here. But, I just haven’t really had the time. I’ll do some more stuff later, I promise. *Hamilton voice* Just you wait, just you wait, just you wait…

Also, this will be the last BRT of March, because next Tuesday, I will be on the 10-hour drive back from Grand Canyon national park for spring break! I’ll definetely post something for that. I’m so excited! Anyway, here’s your book review for today.




Julia is shorter than most kids her age, which has some disadvantages-but also an advantage. Her being short is the reason that she’s been cast in the local university’s performance of The Wizard of Oz. Julia is excited, but has never seen herself as a performer. But during the play, she begins to see herself in a new light. And, after meeting one of the other fellow munchkins-a woman named Olive who has dwarfism-Julia begins to realize that being short isn’t so bad. But, the director of the play still has plans for her…


I really liked this book, and I knew it was going to be good because I already read and liked Counting by Sevens (I haven’t reviewed it, and I don’t know if I will. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it). I’d recommend it to everyone who loves a good, contemporary novel and for, well, short people!

See you next time, and enjoy the warm weather (or whatever  the weather happens to be where you live. It’s really warm here right now)!



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