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Book Review Tuesday (4/25/17)-Gossamer

Hey everyone! I hope you guys have had an AWESOME April! I have-I mean COME ON. THE LAST JEDI TRAILER CAME OUT!!!!! *happy squealing* I got Rogue One for Easter too, and I just re-watched it on Sunday!!! *more happy squealing, followed by loud sobbing* Anyway, here is your last book of April 2017!



Where do dreams and nightmares come from, and how? 

Littlest One is a tiny creature, the apprentice of Thin Elderly. Their job is to touch objects, gather memories from them, and transfer them into the waiting minds of humans in the form of dreams. Nightmares, on the other hand, are produced by Sinisteeds, dark, horse-like creatures who twist good dreams into bad.  Littlest One already shows promise-her touch is featherlight-gossamer, as Thin Elderly puts it. The humans they are assigned to are an old woman and her surrogate son, who is staying with her over the summer so he can be healed of his anger and damaged past. But little do they know, someone is watching over them, intertwining their lives in ways they could not fathom…


Though it was pretty short (144 pages), I loved this book! It was so sweet, imaginative, and heartwarming. There’s also a play based on it, apparently, and from the pictures I’ve seen, it looks pretty cool.

Also, on the subject of the Sinisteeds, when Lowry described them, I immdiately thought of…




Hehe, wonder if Pitch is behind those Sinisteeds…😈


Anyway, I hope you have a great rest of your day! Also, happy belated World Book Day!



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