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Book Review Tuesday (6/20/17)-The Vengekeep Prophecies

Hello, fellow bibliophiles, and happy Summer! I haven’t really celebrated the coming of Summer, per se, but I have been doing what I do best-lounge around the house and read.

And one of those books I read was this book. I thought it was a pretty decent read, and I hope you do too.



The Vengekeep Prophecies

Every year in the province of Vengekeep, a set of mysterious twins weave a tapestry that predicts the future for the next year in advance. Whatever events the tapestry shows happen, and because of the tapestry, the citizens of Vengekeep are always prepared. But not this year. The notorious Grimjinxes, a family of thieves, have forged and swapped the tapestry, which now fortells everything from fire-men to flying skeleton creatures, and with the Grimjinxes as the saviors of Vengekeep. But little did the Grimjinxes know that the events they wove would actually come true. Now it is up to Jaxter Grimjinx, his friend Callie Strom, and a few other old allies to ward off the beasts that put the very existence of Vengekeep on the line.


For me, this book gets about a 6, but it was still pretty nice. I think what I liked most is the plot twists. There are LOTS of plot twists.

Plot twist!





They were really good plot twists.

Alright, enough with the plot twists, I’ll see you all next week for the last BRT of June 2017!



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