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Book Review Tuesday (9/26/17)-The Shadow Cipher

‘Sup, fellow bibliophiles! Welcome to the very last BRT of September 2017! I promise, it won’t be nearly as disappointing as my last post…heh heh heh…NOT SORRY! HAH!

Anyway, I read this book while I was on the school trip that I mentioned earlier, and I thought it was really interesting. Enjoy your review!


The Shadow Cipher

In an alternate version of New York City in 1798, unimaginable technology unlike nothing the world had ever seen powers and advances everything, all thanks to the Morningstarr Twins, a pair of genius architects and inventors. Just after their ideas were put to use, they vanished, leaving only the Old York Cipher, a puzzle that takes you through the grand city, with great treasures promised to those who solve it. Now, almost 220 years later, no one has solved it. But siblings Tess and Theo and their friend Jaime believe that they can. This time, there’s more at stake than treasure-a slimy real estate developed has announced that the apartment complex they live in, constructed by the Morningstarr Twins themselves, will be torn down in thirty days. Can they solve the Old York Cipher before they lose their home?


Though The Shadow Cipher wasn’t mind-blowingly amazing or anything, it was still a very interesting read, with writing and mystery that will keep you turning the page. For instance:

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 4.13.55 PM.png

Let’s just appreciate that line for a second.


(Honestly, that might have been my favorite part of the entire book…😂)


So there’s something to look forward to if you do end up reading The Shadow Cipher…don’t worry, there’s certainly more than that.


Well anyway, I hope you liked this week’s book review! Have a great rest of your day!



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