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Book Review Tuesday (12/12/17)- Star-Crossed

Hey there, fellow bibliophiles! I’m back, as promised, for another Book Review Tuesday!

I just returned this book to the library *wipes single tear from cheek*, and I thought it was super cute! I found it from the Goodreads Choice Awards page, and I had read another book by the author (Barbara Dee), and I decided to give it a shot. And…it was worth it! I hope you enjoy the book and my review!



Mattie has never been an actor. But when her English teacher announces the annual 8th Grade play, Romeo and Juliet, she auditions in an attempt to change her image. She is cast as Paris, and is soon swept up in all the ins and outs of theater. Mattie also meets Gemma-she’s new, British, and  she’s playing Juliet. As preparations continue, Mattie finds herself growing increasingly close to Gemma. And soon, after the actor playing Romeo becomes more and more unfit for his roles, she is cast as Romeo, bringing the two even closer than ever before. Can Mattie ace her performance as Romeo while dealing with inner struggles and questions about her sexuality?



I really enjoyed this book for a few key reasons:

1-One word-SHAKESPEARE! I’m actually reading a different Shakespeare play in my class right now (Macbeth), and his works are just all-around fabulous.

2-LGBTQ+! Mattie’s sexuality is not directly specified, but it’s implied that she is bisexual (she has a crush on Gemma and there’s a subplot where she has a crush on another boy in her class). Super cool!

Also, it’s just overall well-written, with realistic characters and a fun plot.


Thanks so much for reading this, and I hope you all have a great night! Stay warm!


(Also, I’d just like to point out that the cover looks super cute when the WordPress snow is falling on it.) 😊



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