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Book Review Tuesday (12/19/17)-Whichwood

Hi again, everyone! So glad to be back here on this oddly warmish December day! (*State Farm commerical music* Glo-bal war-ming, bum ba dum bum bum bum BUM)

As usual, I got this gem of a book from my local library, and boy, I LOVED IT!

But before this review, I have to tell you that you shouldn’t start it unless you’ve read the previous novel in the series, Furthermore. (See Book Review Tuesday-2/21/17). Though the author gives bits and pieces of the background, I still found it far easier to understand having read the previous novel. So, you might want to go back and read my Furthermore review if you haven’t read this one, and are interested. Either way, enjoy!




(Okay, can we just point out first that THIS COVER ART IS A GIFT TO MANKIND? I MEAN, REALLY…👌)

Laylee lives a life of sorrow and drudgery in her small village of Whichwood. Her mother is dead, her ghost haunting her at every corner. Her father left her, driven away by grief. And Laylee has taken up his job as the village mordeshoor, or the person who washes corpses in preparation for their journey to the afterlife. To top it all off, she seems to be growing sicker by the day-her hands, eyes, and hair have grown a pale, unhealthy silvery grey. But soon, her monotonous life is shattered by two other kids, and soon, she is swept off on an adventure that she’ll never forget. Will Laylee not only be cured of her sickness, but remember what it means to enjoy life?



In contrast to its prequel, Whichwood was far darker. And honestly? I loved that! From what I remember, Furthermore was lyrically written, whimsical, but almost borderline fluff. But Whichwood really blew it out of the water, introducing newer, deeper characters, spookier elements, and even better world-building than its predecessor. Such a treat to read! Such a shame that I bought Furthermore and got this one at the library…*wipes single tear from eye*



I hope you enjoyed my review, and enjoy your evening, night, morning, or whatever time it is in your time zone!



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