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Book Review Tuesday (4/3/18)-Rebel of the Sands

Hey, everyone, and welcome to the first BRT of April 2018!


I intended to review this book about a week or two ago, but due to California and a bit of Burger King Foot Lettuce, I was a little…delayed. I got this one at the library (no surprise there), and I managed to gobble it up in a few hours. It wasn’t the most spectacular novel in the universe, but it definitely kept me turning the pages for a while. Enjoy the review!


Rebel of the Sands

Amani Al’Hiza is just an orphaned girl with exceptional skills with a gun, dying to get out of her town of Dustwalk. In a daring act, she sneaks out of her home one night, crossdressing as a boy, and enters a shooting contest. There, she meets Jin, and with him, discovers a perfect escape. But what she never anticipated was a wild journey out into the desert, mythical creatures, and dark secrets that could mean the difference between life and death in the wrong hands. What dangers await Amani and Jin in the merciless deserts of Miraji?



About two years ago, I remember this being one of the runners-up for one of the YA catergories in the Goodreads Choice awards. It didn’t win, but I’m fairly sure that it got a lot of votes. I’d say that this was a fun, action-packed, and fast paced book, but not entirely worthy of all of the hype surrounding it. Not to say that this wasn’t good, but it wasn’t spectacular or DiTerlizzi/Rowell/Shusterman level mind-blowing or anything. (Wow, that was a coherent sentence…)



Well, see you guys soon, and enjoy the rest of your day!



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