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Book Review Tuesday (2/19/19)-The Last Namsara

Hi, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Book Review Tuesday!


I recently checked this beauty out at the library (…yes, I did just say that…seriously, gorgeous cover, guys), and though I haven’t yet returned it, I gobbled it up in about two nights. These days, it’s tricky to come across a fantasy novel that isn’t chock-full of cliches and overdone tropes, so I was surprised at how much I loved The Last Namsara. A beautifully-crafted, action-packed tale of bravery and love. Absolutely stellar! Also…



…okay, not quite like these dragons, I’m sorry to say, but dragons all the same. DRAGONS.


Enjoy the review!



Asha, the infamous dragon-slayer princess of Firgaard, has grown up surrounded by tales of Namsara, the joyous lightbringer, and Iskari, the destroyer and harbinger of death and sadness. For most of her life, she has believed them to be children’s stories and nothing more. But as her fierce reputation builds, she is declared to be the newest incarnation of Iskari. After this realization, Asha lives a simultaneously dangerous and tedious life, her only purpose being to kill Firgaard’s dragons and present the king with their severed heads. To Asha, her grueling task seems meaningless-until the king offers to call off her arranged marriage in exchange for the death of Firgaard’s most notorious and deadly dragon. Will Asha win her freedom-from her marriage, the royal life, and from the burden that the legends of old have put on her shoulders?





The Last Namsara has pretty much got it all-a heroine who not only kicks butt, but isn’t devoid of flaws, incredible, descriptive writing, beautiful world-building, great chemistry between the characters, and…yes, gotta love those dragons. Who doesn’t love a little fire-breathing insanity every once in a while?

All in all, I highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a little something new in YA fantasy. And dragons. Can’t stress that enough.


The Last Namsara has a sequel (The Caged Queen) which came out in late September. I definitely want to get to it soon, as…I think book #3 comes out sometime this year? Hopefully? *tightly crosses fingers* We’ll see, folks…


Thanks so much for reading this week’s review! Have a great rest of your day, and stay warm!



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