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Book Review Tuesday (8/27/19)-Undead Girl Gang

Hey, everyone, and welcome to the last Book Review Tuesday of August 2019!

First, sorry about forgetting about last week’s BRT; I had a pretty busy week last week, and so I never got around to it.



But hey, I’m back now, and all that’s out of the way! 😉


This week’s review comes from a novel I read all the way back in July, and have neglected to review for…oop, over a month. Anyway, not only is Undead Girl Gang a genre-bending and well-written story, it also manages to perfectly balance creepy and comedy. I’d almost go so far to call it a black comedy; whatever you want to call it, Undead  Girl Gang is a very unique and fun novel.


Enjoy this week’s review!



Undead Girl Gang

The police ruled that Riley’s death was a suicide.

But Mila Flores knows better.

After the sudden death of Mila’s best friend, Riley, Mila is heartbroken–and confused; Riley would never have committed suicide, nor was she involved in any shady activity that would have led to her dying. Just days later, two of the most popular girls in school turn up dead under equally mysterious circumstances. The string of bizarre deaths can’t be a coincidence, so Mila does what everyone would do in her circumstances: bring her best friend back from the dead.

Mila’s witchcraft quickly goes awry, and she accidentally reanimates not only Riley, but the other girls as well. Now she’s got a paranormal mystery to solve…and three zombie girls to babysit.



I haven’t come across a book quite like this in a long time. Undead Girl Gang  is a seemless blend of mystery, horror, fantasy, and comedy, with a boatload of sharp wit and just as many surprising twists. For a book with such a comical tone, I didn’t expect for there to be much depth, but it additionally did a great job on touching on some more serious (though often hypothetical) themes without being irreverent. All in all, Undead Girl Gang was so much fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page! Solid 8-8.5/10 on my rating scale.

Also, the cover. P I N S.


Undead Girl Gang is a standalone, but Lily Anderson does have a few other books out, including The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You, which I read around a year ago and also loved (but haven’t reviewed). It’s definitely more in fiction/romance territory, but from what I remember, it retained the same sarcastic voice that prevailed in Undead Girl Gang. 


Thanks so much for reading this review! Have a wonderful rest of your day, and take care of yourselves!


Also, I know I’ve said this too many times now, but I’ll try and give you guys a) more posts and b) more content besides BRTs. I’ve got a few planned, and now that I’ve got things somewhat under control school-wise, I’ll try and crank out some of them this week. 😉





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