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Goodreads Monday (3/30/20)–The Starlight Watchmaker

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Happy Monday, bibliophiles!

Goodreads Monday is a weekly meme created by Lauren’s Page Turners. All you have to do to participate is pick a book from your Goodreads TBR, and explain why you want to read it.

I’ve had a small taste of James’s work (The Loneliest Girl in the Universe), and I have a few other novels of hers on my TBR (The Quiet at the End of the World, The Next Together), and this one sounds like it has an absolutely fascinating premise.

Let’s begin, shall we?



The Starlight Watchmaker: Lauren James: 9781781128954: ...

Blurb from Goodreads: 

Wealthy students from across the galaxy come to learn at the prestigious academy where Hugo toils as a watchmaker. But he is one of the lucky ones. Many androids like him are jobless and homeless. Someone like Dorian could never understand their struggle – or so Hugo thinks when the pompous duke comes banging at his door. But when Dorian’s broken time-travel watch leads them to discover a sinister scheme, the pair must reconcile their differences if they are to find the culprit in time. 


So why do I want to read this?

Man, I wish that this book was published a few years earlier…I remember being in a bookstore with my mom at some point, and I said something about wishing that there was a subgenre (not my exact wording) that was in between middle grade and YA. The Starlight Watchmaker seems to hit that sweet spot, just where I wanted it. Not that I don’t want to read it now, or anything, I’m all in on this one.

Also, robots! I haven’t seen too much YA/MG from the perspective of robots (save for LIFEL1K3, parts of Heart of Iron and The Illuminae Files), so I’m excited to see how the POV of Hugo is fleshed out. That, along with a dash of time travel and classic sci-fi, seems like the recipe of a novel I’m sure to enjoy. Plus, props to Ms. James for making the format of this book ideal for dyslexic people, especially dyslexic youth! I’m not sure of the details, but James said that “it’s designed to be really readable for struggling readers” and part of the blurb describes it as “particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 13+”. Good for her! 💗

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Today’s song:

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That just about wraps up this week’s Goodreads Monday! Have a wonderful rest of your day, and take care of yourselves!

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